Shopee launches SHOPEE MOM’S CLUB on Mother’s Day Weekend

𝐌𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐘 π“πˆπ: Keep your child learning and engaged while having fun during the ECQ by sharing the best moments like playing together.
wanderw0m0m-01Now is the time to introduce your childhood’s favorite summer memory – mine is building pillow forts with my cousins and play pretend. Here we are camping under the stars while reading our favorite book.

Another tip I want to share is to SIGN-UP TODAY to Shopee Mom’s Club to get the best deals for you and for your child!

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Shopee Mom's Club IGS
All items are 100% Love guaranteed so check the app and click the Shopee Mom’s Club to sign up and know more!

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13 Responses to Shopee launches SHOPEE MOM’S CLUB on Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Anie Ordillo says:

    Awww! I love building pillows and blanket forts as a kid too! They’re a huge hit to my nephew and niece when I babysit them. Ang cool naman ng Shopee Mom’s Club. I hope my mommy friends know about this. By the way, belated happy mother’s day to you! xx

  2. Good news that Shoppee offered this advantageous sale for moms. Hopefully that items would come on schedule to maximize its purpose during the community quarantine period. Keep safe always.

  3. JEN says:

    agree mamshie! most kids now puro ipad or gadgets, samantalang ang saya saya ng mga games noong 90s. Perfect timing to reintroduce it now during ECQ

  4. My Onni You says:

    Very nice event for mom’s so they can get big discounts for the toys and other needs of their kids. Sana may ganyan din dito kaso wala eh haha.

  5. What a lovely treat for Mother’s Day and using it for your kiddo. Godbless you both and thanks to Shopee.

  6. blair villanueva says:

    Pa-bonggahan ang mga e-commerce sites recently. The huge trend will be more focus on online shopping, and faster logistics.

  7. Oh! I wasn’t able to join Shopee Mom’s Club. Sad! Is this still on or done na din when the code expired?

  8. Ohhh such a deal!! Better let your mommy friends know na para maenjoy ng kids ang time at home. Hahaha.

  9. Super bet ko talaga magshopping online. I think it’s really safer than actually going out and buying stuff. Nagamit ko yung code for discount. Thankyyy!

  10. Wendyflor says:

    I haven’t used shoppee pa (well, because i live here in Seoul) but this is nice to have something for moms lalo na launched on mother’s day.

  11. jayresa03 says:

    Cool. I want to sign up. I hope they’ll have passes to events aside from discounts and promos.

  12. Purple Pieces says:

    Balik loob sa online shopping! Very affordable and convenient pa sa Shopee πŸ™‚

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