Spray the Germs Away with the New Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray

The number 1 antibac fabric spray in Japan is finally here in the Philippines, and with just few sprays, it will remove 99.9% of germs and odor on hard-to-wash items like mattress, sheets, carpet, couch, clothes, shoes, toys, car seats, curtains, and just about any fabric you can think of.

To ensure that our home is virus-free, especially during this time of Corona Virus, I sanitize these areas (or items) of my home since these are what’s commonly used, especially by Coco.

I spray on our couch, which might be the dirtiest furniture we have at home.

The bed, sheets and pillows which may also contain bacteria after 1 week of use.

Coco’s toys, which can be a breeding ground for virus-causing disease.

Grocery items, since I placed it in the cart, which can also be a virus-carrier

The footwear that was used outside, which the virus may have stuck

And lastly, I spray it whenever we cook, especially when it smells afterwards OR when our neighbor’s dogs give out a stinky odor.

What I love about the new Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray is that I can spray it on anything without it leaving any sticky feels, it has a pleasant smell and it is very affordable, only at Php 249 for every 370ML Bottles.

It has 4 scents – Anti-bacterial (orange), Downy scent, Blossons & Breeze and Extra Strength (Not in picture).

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34 Responses to Spray the Germs Away with the New Ambi Pur Antibac Fabric Spray

  1. Paolo says:

    Yan din gamin namin dito sa bahay, lalo na pag galing kami sa labas inispray talaga sa mga sapatos para walang germs

  2. #SafetyFirst It’s really good to ensure cleanliness to everything that surround us. I agree, ambi pur is a good disinfectant to bacteria and against this deadly corona virus.

  3. I totally agree with maintaining cleanliness in our homes especially these days. That product looks promising. I’m gonna try to grab one on my next shopping.

  4. Misskhae says:

    OMG! I love Ambi Pur din. I didn’t know na may available na po na ganito until I read this post! 🙂 This is perfect especially today during this pandemic when we have to be super extra clean with everything sa bahay lalo na sa groceries na galing sa labas ng bahay. :))

  5. This product caught my attention as soon as it started gaining popularity in the country. I like how it not only kills germs but can also be used as a room spay because it contains Downy. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely add this to my cart on my next trip to the grocery.

  6. Safety is the priority especially if you have small children at home. Glad you have this handy dandy protection. Stay safe.

  7. Oh my God! May Ambi Pur na na antibac fabric spray? Been buying the generic ones from A japanese store.. tied up with Downy pa ngayon! Ayos! I’m definitely gonna try this next time.. sakyo paubos na yung fabric spray ko.

  8. Oh my God! Meron na din palang antibac fabric spray ang ambipur! Good thing, coz i’ve been buying those generic ones from my favorite japanese store. At tied up pa sa downy ngayon! Even better! I’ll definitely buy this next time, tamang tama paubos na yung fab spray ko.

  9. dawnlyndelle says:

    Oh I need this! Lysol is too strong for me. I will have to check this out sa grocery day ko 🙂

  10. Prado Arturo Navarro Bognot says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about the role of the microbiome and virome in our immune system. It is okay to be hygienic but it shouldn’t be done excessively (to the point that you become a germophobe).
    In terms of scent, the downy version is good. 🙂

  11. blair villanueva says:

    Wow, this is so cool at Downy scent pa! I’m using Ambi Pur air freshener.

  12. Ang galing, Ambipur pala has this type of spray na. Gusto ko itry yung Downy scent, para malinis and mabango always.

  13. Yes! Disinfecting surfaces and other objects or areas in the house will do wonders on your health. Regularly washing sheets and keeping the house tidy is a must!

  14. iamraediant says:

    I would really love to try the Downy Scent para kasing amoy ng clothes namin hehe. 🙂

  15. Sold. Add to card. Parang we really need this right now. The virus can be everywhere and we need to be suuuuuper clean na!! Need careful with anything na galing sa labas.

  16. Nikki says:

    Bango nyan! Kakagamit ko sa akin today

  17. Janelle Ferrer says:

    Bongga! Spray lang kills 99.9% germs na!

  18. Ley almeda says:

    Loves which variant gusto mo? Iltry this mag grocery ako soon

  19. jayresa03 says:

    Haven’t heard about this one. What we use is a different brand. By the looks of it, I feel that it smells good.

  20. Wendyflor says:

    your house must smell soooo fresh, mamshie! what’s happening now is giving us a new sense if awareness kaya tama talaga ang pagsespray ng antibacterial.

  21. This is a good product! Pero won’t it be dangerous to use it on groceries? hehe hindi ba papasok sa food yung chemicals? 😀

  22. We also have this at home. I love the scent of the orange variant. We always use it ever since the pandemic has begun.

  23. May De Jesus-Palacpac says:

    I haven’t tried that. Is it non-toxic?

  24. My Onni You says:

    This is a good product and we use it also here kahit hindi pa uso yang virus na yan kasi mataas ang fine dust dito lagi kaya nagamit din kami before pa.

  25. Wow meron na silang fabric spray.. antibac pa! I’d love to try this! I’ve been using a generic brand that I buy from a japanese store lang.. it’s good that Ambipur, a trusted brand, now has this product. Sobrang useful especially these days… ill surely try it!

  26. Evalyn Atayde says:

    Buti meron na ganito ang ambipur. I want

  27. Jaimie f says:

    Magnda ba? Hven’t tried it yet…

  28. Jaimie f says:

    Magnda ba? Hven’t tried it yet…

  29. momi berlin says:

    Love this new spray from ambi pur. Nakakatuwa na nag eevolve din ang mga brands. Sa susunod na grocery namin, will definitely check this out

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