MOS Burger Opens Flagship Store in the Philippines

The famous Japanese food chain, MOS Burger has finally opened its flagship store in the Philippines, as it adds to the huge range to the #FlavorsOfRobinsonsGalleria. It definitely got the best spot in Galleria.

MOS Burger
has a lot of variety of burgers to choose from, From your favorite cheeseburgers to rice burgers and natsumi in your favorite Japanese food in really affordable prices, ranging from Php149-309. You can also add drinks and sides as low as Php100. Really! I’m surprised on how affordable it is, for a foreign brand ha!

I’ve always love yakiniku, that’s why I ordered their Yakiniku Rice Burger with soda and green salad topped with roasted sesame dressing. It is so flavorful that I finished everything in a gist. I also ended up using a fork to make things easier for me. And how can I forget the salad! It has this fresh crunch every time you take a bite, thankful that they are generous with the dressing when we asked for another round.

Don’t fret if you see the long line outside. Of course, everybody wants to try it out, since it is new. It hasn’t even been opened for a week at the moment. There might be a line but you will be amazed of their efficiency. Our food was served fast. I thought we were going to wait for a while seeing how it looked with the line outside.DSCF2594

I say head over NOW and taste it for the very first time only at the 2nd level of @robinsonsgalleriaortigas Level 2 (ADB Entrance), opposite TGIF!

Watch my VLOG!



  1. Japanese cuisine is my favorite international cuisine, and having this fusion type is really a must-try. The burger you are holding on a photo has this generous sized patty! I would try this once I am in Manila. 😀


  2. all those yummy burger selection!!! I’m glad it’s in Robinsons Galleria, it’s easy to go to from New Manila… hopefully, they will open in Magnolia, too para mas accessible sa amin:-)


  3. I love their Yakiniku rice burger. I would definitely return for their Wagyu. Its not available kasi before. Na curious ako dun.


  4. Nkakkagutom. Fave ko burgers lalo pag nasa labas.. d ako nkain ng rice meals hehehh. Check ko to. Mukhang masarap!


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