Avon Philippines Launches #AvonBranchOfTheFuture

Will all the 90’s kid here stand up and raise your hands if you had own an Avon inner garment when you were in your teens. Yes. You. Me. Almost all of us, I’m so sure. I’m pretty sure I got those cute floral and polka prints in my closet before.

I’d also remember browsing through our help, Ate Ruby’s Avon Catalog that she borrowed from her Avon Agent friend. I’d order whatever because I super love their payment scheme, you know it! Not hard on our pockets, especially when I was still in college and when I just started working. Realizing how many lives we have helped din ano? As for some, becoming an Avon agent has been their bread and means to support their family.

Beauty fans can now experience Avon’s world-class showcase in the newly launched #AvonBranchOfTheFuture at Victoria de Manila, Taft, Manila. They wanted to create a space for all their Avon ladies to allow them to see their products, become an Avon partner. It is like the catalog came into life. Same, same but different. Different in the sense that we can fit or check our sizes correctly, see make up shades in real, and even smell the scents of perfumes and lotions right there and then.

There are 3 key areas that this branch has: The Beauty Studio, Improved Supermarket and the Avon VIP lounge.

Beauty Studio showcases Avon’s Make up, Fragrance and Face Care products that are tailored fit to highlight true Filipina beauty. It also includes the intimate apparel and jewelry section that customers care try for themselves.

At the Improved Supermarket section, you can find Avon’s toiletries and body care products, accessories, nutritionals and home items. This is also the area where you can find Avon’s new, top and clearance offers and their exclusive bundles.

Beauty Boutique owners and Avon’s top sellers have access to the new Avon VIP Lounge. They can do bulk purchases there, as well as use their exclusive counters.

After so many years, Avon’s new Taft branch speaks of connecting to their customers and resellers, as they believe that it is through connecting with them, a better relationship will be built.

Of course, I had a chance to shop for myself! It is totally what a mom like me needs – me time and spending it with your girlfriends!

Watch our shopping spree here!

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