Promil i-Shine 8 Camp Kick Off

Children all over the Philippines will again have a chance to discover their gifts, hone their talent and shine brightly under the mentorship of experts in the field of Modern Dance, Ballet, Music, Arts, and Theater as the PROMIL® Four i-Shine Talent Camp opens its eighth season, this summer.

Today, at the kick off, we were given the chance to meet the camp masters for some Q&A on how joining a workshop will help my child nurture the gift he has and we also got the chance to witness first hand how a 7-day workshop will go about.
This year’s mentors are Painter and co-founder of Papemelroti, Robert Alejandro and Kara Escay, choreographer to the stars, Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy together with G-Force Dance School, Prima Balleria and Artistic Director of Ballet Manila, Lisa Macuja, Actor and President of Trumpets Playshop, Audie Gemora and National Artist Maestro Ryan Cayabyab.

After the Q&A, we were then sent to our respective camps that were assigned to us upon registration. The first that I went to is the ART CAMP, Sir Robert and Ms. Kara shared to us how their sessions will come about.
After which, they asked us to draw a character using a pen and exchanged with our seatmate. We would then draw something on each other’s notebooks, like we are doing a comics strip. I drew the boy, Coco while my friend, JM drew her daughter, Cadee.

Lovely meeting my friend, Karel Marquez with kids Kyler and Keiley

We then went to our second assigned camp, which is the BALLET CAMP. I remembered my 8 year old self taking ballet lessons one summer. I didn’t even know if I asked for it or if my mom just enrolled me. But it is so nice to actually meet Prima Ballerina, Lisa Macuja for the first time.

My key take away from each of the mentors from the Q&A: 
1. Whatever the child wants to do, the first thing we have to do as their parent and for the child is to commit, because if there is no commitment, there won’t be the determination to succeed.
2. Exposure is important, to different kinds of camps. You,ll never know what interests them, especially that at this age that they are interested in everything. As parents, we just have to help them when they think they want to do one, that’s when we have to nurture the talent.
3. Think of ways to make it fun and different. You need a mentor to open up a bigger view because what we see is not all that there is.
4. Let their Imagination run wild. Encourage your child to keep playing. Encourage your kids to be what they are, imaginative children.
5. If the child wants to sing or dance or whatever gift they have and they keep on doing it, just let them be. It is part of their learning and studying and honing their craft. If you see the potential, that’s when you as a parent come in, bringing them to spaces like dance schools and theater camps, because it help them facilitate the process of learning and introduce discipline and habits.
6. The camp is just for 7 days, its too short to learn them all. It is just the teaser but it will open their minds for possibilities. We don’t expect them to become the greatest, but we make them a better person, as they may become sensitive and disciplined.

PROMIL® Four believes that every child is gifted and for these gifts to be realized, they have to be nurtured through proper parenting, proper stimulation and proper nutrition. PROMIL® Four, which is specially formulated for children 3 years and above is the only brand that contains NUTRISSENTIALS® —the combination of the unique and important nutrients that helps develop strong body and support sharp mind to help #NurturetheGift. Through this nutritive value, coupled with the combined efforts of the parents and environment, children will grow to their full potential.

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