Johnson’s Baby MOMBassador Kick Off 2020

During the kick off, I renewed my Johnson’s Baby Mombassador contract for the year 2020. I really had a great time sharing my thoughts and learnings from the events and talks regarding the New Johnson’s Baby last year, as we are really a user, I didn’t hesitate to take another year of exclusivity with them and the Glam-O-Mamas community.

I am so happy to continue my journey in sharing the need to #ChooseGentle and to #BelieveInTouch, an advocacy that I believe as well. Sharing more of these within the year.

It is even more special this year because I get to share this journey with one of my best friends, Anna (Astrid’s mom), who has been a part of me and Coco for the last few years.

Thank you Amanda Griffin, Trix, Sheryn of GOM for having me again this year.


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