Adrenaline Rush Activated with Jurassic Adventure

Probably one of Coco’s favorite time during our Ilo-Ilo trip was when we chanced upon Jurassic Adventure, a pop up play place that is more focused on the agility, strength and balance of your child, which look like an obstacle course to me.

First, the kids are, of course, given helmets for their safety. They also have to wear their harness. The child will go around the perimeter of the play area through an obstacle course type exercise. 1) Seesaw-like 2) Hanging bridge 3) Rope walk

Then 4) Zipline is Coco’s favorite. He repeated it a couple of time. Good thing there wasn’t any line. There is also 2 kinds of wall climbing  – one with tubes and another with rocks. Coco tried both but he didn’t even make it half way. He was still hesitant in trying and is still kind of afraid with heights. How weird when he isn’t afraid to ride a roller coaster.

A 30 minute session is 150php. In that 30 minutes, Coco was able to go around the play area for 3 times, with 3 extra zip lines and trials with the wall climbing. I bet if there wasn’t other children also playing, he would get to go around more.

We loved Jurassic Adventure because it is unique from all other play places and I think, as a mom, the price is just right, considering he has 30 minutes to play. The activities are okay for me, since I rarely find something similar with this. Hygiene wise, they give the child alcohol before he can start playing. They assist but not totally assist the child the whole time, but when you call for assistance, they will be coming for you right then and there.

You can watch Coco play here:

Jurassic Adventure is located in G/F Festive Walk Ilo-ilo, Megaworld Ilo-Ilo Business Park (The staff says they also have this in Manila, MOA and I can’t remember the other place, I’ll try to remember it. Hope we can drop by MOA’s when we have time)



  1. Yeah, this is in Festive Walk… My sons are too old for this but this is definitely great for Coco’s age. And you can enjoy your coffee at the coffeeshop just right beside the play place.


    • AGREE! I fell in love with Coffee Break, i cant even remember how many times we went to one. Everyday di pwedeng walang coffee break. haha!

      yes, great for Coco’s age nga. especially for him na me mga fears pa, glad he was able to conquer some of it.


    • I agree with you. Very rare palang mga play place. Parang 2 lang naaalala ko sa megamall isang ball pit tapos isang malaking play area called kids @ work. Tapos sa galleria naman dreamscape!! Hahahahhahaha

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  2. May Jurassic Park adventure na pala sa Iloilo. The last time I went there wala pang ganyan. And may ganito din pala here in Manila.


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