Little Heartbeat Photography Shoot | May 2019

Grabbing this opportunity to post these lovely photos of Coco and I taken by Little Heartbeat Photography in collaboration with Baby Dove. This was taken last May 2019 at one of Mommy Mundo’s Expo Mom events. As you see, I never had a chance to post it because a few days after this photos were taken, I was included in the list of Johnson’s Baby Mombassadors – which is actually Baby Dove’s direct competitor. So, now these beautiful photos has seen the light because at the moment, I am not in contract anymore with JnJ (although I already renewed and I have no idea yet if I was renewed as well). I might as well share this since I am still currently free.

Margaux Ranosa-1Margaux Ranosa-3Margaux Ranosa-9

I adore these photos so much, you can see how candid and real they are. That’s their style eh. Super dream ko to have my photos taken by them, especially that it is owned my one of my momspiration, Feliz and husband, JayJay Lucas. Thank you so much Little Heartbeat Photography for these beautiful photos; Fun Nest for the lovely set up; SM Kids for Coco’s top and my mom’s closet for mine hahahaha!


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