Johnson’s Baby Initiates #ChooseGentle Parenting Movement to Create a Gentler and Happier home for Our Children

Dads and moms like me were welcomed by a happy and warm home, The Johnson’s Gentle House, that would lead us to different parts of a home that signifies places where we usually nurture our child.
We were welcomed in each area by #GentleParents, co-Mom and Dadbassadors John Prats and Sunshine Garcia in the bedroom, Divine Lee in the living room, Bianca Gonzelez and Paolo Valenciano in the playroom, where they also shared insights, stories and tips of when they had to #ChooseGentle while parenting their children.
John Prats tells how he is the spoiler to her daughter, Feather while his wife, Liv is the disciplinarian. He also imparted that it is important to always give the main caregiver, usually the mother, some “me time”, a breather from taking care of the children, because if a parent gets tired, he/she would get easily irritated and would most likely lead to him/her being impatient to the child, and again would not really promote gentle parenting. Who’s guilty of this?
Sunshine Garcia relates how most moms are not only the ones taking care of the baby, but also the whole household. It can be draining and tiring, so every time she is having a hard time with his son, she would just take a deep breath. She says to cherish even the times we are struggling in taking care of our children, because they will eventually grow up.
Bianca Gonzalez shared how she thought everyone in the room are all connected to one another, because we are all mothers and we almost always have the same experiences, as its a great support system. Everyone’s closeness to their children that is currently in the room speaks a lot.
Paolo Valenciano says since he is the one working, he had to make more effort in building a relationship with her daughter, Leia that is why makes he makes sure that he get to spend a lot time for her. Building a relationship with our children is important because it builds trust, so when we are in the situation that we have to reprimand them, they would understand that we are on their side and that it is for the best.



Divine Lee expresses that it is important for the parents to acknowledge the feelings of our children. The words we also use to communicate with them matters.



Raising a strong willed boy is quite tough. Let alone someone who thinks he can handle everything even if he is just 6. He thinks he is an adult already and there may be days when obeying mommy and dada is not an option.

I usually and normally toughen up. Nope, he can’t be the one controlling me. My patience would really be tested, especially when there are people that he thinks who will be on his side (Hello Mama!) and when my patience level is gone………
We may not notice it at most times, but our children mirror what we do. Coco mirrored me and it made me realize to take conscious effort in everything I say and do, even if I am struggling already.
At the New Johnson’s Gentle House, we were reminded how it is important to be #GentleParents and how strong parent-child CONNECTION, CONSISTENCY in managing both our emotions and COMMUNICATION through positive discipline are needed to be able to nurture gentler children. A child’s nature begins at home, from the people whom he is every day, whom he looks up to and whom who nurtures him. It is on US, MOMs and DADs.. Can we do it?
Gentle does not only create a better world for our children, but it will also make us better people.
Kudos to Johnson’s Baby PH and its #ChooseGentle Parenting Movement for going beyond in not only promoting their products to provide gentle care for our children but also in promoting #GentleParenting in how we nurture them emotionally as well.

Watch my video here:

To know more about Johnson’s #ChooseGentle Parenting Movement, CLICK HERE
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  1. Good thing you were able to blog about this event. I also agree to Gentle Parenting for our kids. And we have to be a great example to our children. “CONNECTION, CONSISTENCY in managing both our emotions and COMMUNICATION through positive discipline are needed to be able to nurture gentler children.” Love this momsh


    • para marefresh ka ba sa event… at iba iniisip mo nun wahahahaha char. happy to hang with you during the event. to moreeee!!! miss you na nga!


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with the event Mommy. I am a first-time mom and reading your tips on how to be a gentle parent is a big help. 🙂


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