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Tired from a day of household chores and you aren’t even finish with a day’s work yet, and you wake up the next day doing them all over again. It’s a vicious cycle. I tell you, it will never end. You will never get time to rest and pamper yourself a little.
screen-shot-2019-05-09-at-8.06.01-pm.pngYou can now have the time to do both. Here me, you don’t need to fret now. GoodWork.PH is here to the rescue. It is a marketplace for local skilled service providers from independent freelancers and small businesses. What I love about GoodWork.PH is that they partner with small time ones that gives them the opportunity to grow. Another reason is how savvy it is to use the app, aside from the fact they’re a really great help to someone like me, a mom, who’s juggling a lot in her hands.

Here are the services that they have partners with:

Home Services – Keeping your household clean, especially when you have kids is hard but a clean home can happen with GoodWork. They have cleaners, plumbers, technicians, carpentry repair, and much more.
Carpentry – Whether it’s renovating your home or fixing a hole in the roof, you can find professional carpenters here on GoodWork.
Massage Therapy – Stressed out? Give your body a nice massage with GoodWork’s talented home massage therapists.
Nailcare – Get your nails professionally treated and cleaned by one of GoodWork’s home service providers!

To book a service, here’s what you see once you open the GoodWork.PH App.
Rates vary depends on your service. House cleaning has a minimum of Php349, Laundry Service at Php199, Massage Therapist at Php350 and Nail Care at Php299.

Once you have chosen the particular service you need, entered other details needed, GoodWork.PH will match you with their partner service providers within your area. Service providers will contact you, negotiate if no fixed price and after which, your service is confirmed. You will see your submitted, confirmed and completed jobs at the JOBS tab.
You can communicate with your service provider via the MESSAGE tab.Screenshot_20190509-193922_GoodWork

GoodWork Guarantees that service providers have submitted verified Government ID/s, has been personally interview, has trained Service Partners to have the best customer service and GoodWork covers up to Php2,500 in repairs in case of damaged work.

You can download the GoodWork.PH app in Google Play and Apple App Store.
If you are a service provider, and you want to be part of GoodWork.PH, you can visit the website to to register an account. Click here.

GoodWork Rewards – you will earn credits for every service you or your friends complete to earn a free service. You heard it right! Once, your friend log in your custom code with their confirmed service, you will also earn credits.
After earning 10 credits, you can choose which free service you would want to avail. Either Home Cleaning, Laundry, Massage or ManiPedi.

So as you can see, I already earned a credit. I have tried the House cleaning service and they arrived on schedule. The service is just good enough for me, and there are a lot of room for improvement. Nevertheless, it’s a nice time – to have rested while there are 2 lady cleaners in my home, helping me to have it spic and span.

Here’s my custom code: MAXPUN — don’t forget to enter my code when you confirm a service, ok?



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