Millennial Moms PH: #ProjectDomestication – Upcycling and Upcrafting + Living a Toxin-free life

#ProjectDomestication is one of Millennial Moms PH‘s projects for us mothers, which focus on how to be the Queen of the household. It is my first time to attend such, I’ve only been to #MomTribe events, which focuses on motherhood.
Yesterday was all about, in Mari Kondo’s words, “tossing away what doesn’t spark joy” but with a twist! One is not really throwing away, but by adding value to some items that we may want to discard, and turn them to something of more quality, basically giving an item “New Life” which is called Upcycling.

Teacher Ada Mella, who dedicates her advocacy of upcycling and upcrafting to her daughter, started with this as a hobby after she realized she had to let go of some of her stuff but thought of what she could do to some items, so it wont end up in the dump. It was a hobby, and giving those upcrafted projects to family and friends and then, started to earn from it. She then initiated Upcycle This, Philippines group, where she met other people that share her advocacy.
She showed us an upcycled necktie, which she turned into a mobile phone pouch, unused swatches turned into coin purse, old denims turned to brooch and bookmarks from old sheets of papers, cardboard, planner pages and the like. There are a hundred of ways to create something new and every piece would end up with its own story to tell. Not creative enough? She shared her once of her secrets. PINTEREST! Teacher Ada emphasized, it doesn’t have to be something extravagant, we can always start small. Just make it simple, so you won’t be overwhelmed. It can start with as simple as just reusing the good old ice cream container and turn it to art materials organizer or sewing kit.

Upcycling has always been there. We’re just aren’t aware that we are actually doing it. By upcycling, we celebrate conscious living and teaches us to be mindful of what we purchase. It doesn’t mean that since we upcycle, we just buy and buy items for our home, especially if you are sharing this advocacy, you should always think twice or thrice in buying something – if an item can still be repurposed after it has served its purpose in our lives, then go buy it. If not, let’s just not add items that we dump in the landfill.

This is very timely, people has started to become conscious of the world’s condition. One of the most immediate concern is the amout of trash we have, since it doesn’t go anywhere but here, just staying here on our planet. Upcycling would bring a good impact in the environment because less non-biodegradable items would go to the landfill.

For queries and workshop schedules on upcycling, you can join her – Upcycle This, Philippines.
Most of us grew up using commercial personal care products, home care products and cosmetics and is still doing so now that we have our own household to run. We just use them without even reading and knowing the ingredients. Little did we know, some of those could be harmful to us. Ms. Tina De Guzman, had an ultimate lifestyle change when she started to live a toxin-free life. How do we start? Check the ingredients and ditch those that aren’t toxin-free.
She also tells us her ultimate secret – and it was that when she started using essential oils. For her, it was Young Living Essential Oils, that changed her life. She uses essential oils in just about everything, as it has a lot of uses. She started using oils in her beauty rituals, even buying commercial perfumes. Her kids slept better and their immune system got stronger. Commercial cleaners were dumped as we started making homemade cleansers, with essential oils. Using essential oils weren’t just healthier, but also more economical in the long run. Ms. Tina could go on and on and on about essential oils, especially with YL, just to convince us. But for now, you can head over to her group The Oil Natural Project in Facebook for more information.

Co-Mommy blogger, Mommy Kalai Mendenilla shared to us how perfect Sweet Baby Diapers is for her son, Draco.
Kurin Ionized Water was also introduced to us. It is effective for cleaning and is safe to use even by pregant and breastfeeding women, kids and babies. We were also demoed by Kurin representative on how effective it is on cleaning jewelries. It has 4 variants – all purpose, bathroom, kitchen and fruits & vegetables. You can use it when cleaning your jewelries, watch, fruits and vegetables, shower head, stove top, cloth, toys, highchair table and a lot more.

Let’s all live a greener and cleaner life, not only for ourselves, but for our family and the Earth.

#ProjectDomestication is co-presented by Eastwood Mall, Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, Aveeno, Johnson’s Baby, Tempra, Betadine, Betadine Fresh Bliss and Sweet Baby Diapers. The lootbag and giveaway sponsors are Giant CarrierAmigo Sigurado, Ajinomoto, Cookmunity by Ajinomoto PH, 123BabyPH, Cusina Natural Antibacterial Dishwashing, Devondale Philippines, La Filipina, Lemon Square Cheese Cake, Lil Twinkies, Pond’s, Mercato Centrale, Kurin and VPharmaPH. Because of these #MomApproved brands, we got to take home lots of giveaways and game prizes. Thank you for your utmost generosity.


Sneak peak here:

For updates on the next Millennial Moms PH event, just join their Facebook Group.


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