Kiddimoto Philippines Launch: Adventure Starts Here

This summer vacation, I started to have a biking sessions for Coco at least 30 minutes a day. Even though his bike has been with us since 2015, he weren’t able to use it that much, especially when we moved to our current place. His legs has been quiet stagnant from this kind of active play for the longest time, except for the time we used to have a condo unit in Ortigas and we get to bike at Emerald Ave every Sunday, as it’s roads are closed for bike day. My goal is for him to learn how to bike without the stabilizers.
Anyway, I got ecstatic when I learned about the Kiddimoto Philippines Launch, as I am really interested to let Coco try to ride a balancer bike. I am curious on how it is used, as well as if Coco can manage to ride it.

Kiddimoto Philippines, originally from United Kingdom, sells balance bikes, scooters and its accessories. What is a BALANCE BIKE? Actually, it is quite new to me, but as you can see in the photo, it has no pedals and it teachers children the key balancing and control skills needed to seemlessly progress to pedal bikes.




I think it was at least 2 hours of trying out the balance bike and the U-zoom scooter. He totally got the hang of it, especially with the balance bike since it is new to him.



While the children play, the parents were gathered for a small talk about the POWER OF PLAY!

Ms. Kathleen Chua talked about their company, Kiddimoto. Some parents wants to shy away their kids from gadgets, that’s why they thought of a good quality product that kids can enjoy. She’s always asked, “why a balance bike?“, little do parents know that once a child knows how to balance a bike, transitioning to a real bike can almost happen in a snap. I’m quite amazed also, because as young as 18 months old, babies can already use a balance bike.
Our Millennial Mom, Ms. Dette Zulueta shared how kids play time from her (our) time differ from kids nowadays and how to balance play time with the kids of this generation. We know how different it is now. Before, like Ms. Dette, I grew up playing outside, playing with friends, playing with limited toys and imagination – leaves that becomes bangus, bigas, sitaw, as we play tindatindahan. Now, we can’t even imagine having our children play outdoors, aside from there is little to no kids at all playing, it is very dangerous – reckless car and motor drives as well as kidnappers.
DSCF2778THREE THINGS that Ms. Dette said on how to balance with kids now that I strongly agree to believe in as well – ENGAGE in playing with them, INITIATE playing with them and INVOLVE yourself when playing with them.

Teacher Gabby Limjoco of Playworks Pre-school spoke about how active play is not just only the physical development of a child. Like in the situation awhile ago, kids where all playing in a make shift bike ramp. Reality speaking, they weren’t just playing, they were also learning! They could learn to be persistent as they learn how to ride the balance bike; how to solve problems when they do not know how to ride the hump; reading signs; learning how to be patient and take turns, share, learn how to stop as exercising their social and emotional skills. They are active learners when playing.
DSCF2781Popular Vlogger, Isha Borromeo shares how she balances work (being a work from home mom, which I can totally relate to) to playtime with her son, Sky. Once you master, things will flow. It is important to set time for play, especially since, time fly so fast, our kids aren’t getting any younger. They same with her, I feel guilty when Coco asks me to play with him and I am working on something. That is why I see to it to allot time to play. As she mentioned, TIME MANAGEMENT is the key to a Happy Kid! She also mentioned about involving his son with what she is doing be it in work or house chores – it equates to more bonding moments with them, right?
Here’s a short clip of Coco’s Fun Day awhile ago at the launch:




Thank you Kiddimoto Philippines and Millennial Moms PH for having us!

You can buy Kiddimoto at any Toy Kingdom branch! Grab yours now!


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