5 Reasons to Travel with a Baton

Why are batons popular? The simplest answer to this question is because this type of self-defense stick is just about the easiest weapon anybody –with or without training – can swing and wield for security purposes. However, in some states, civilians have no authority to own a baton and only law enforcers can possess this non-lethal weapon. Thus, before you can get yourself a baton, make sure to check the laws in your state regarding the use and carrying of batons.

See weapons for self defense.

Why consider batons?

As mentioned earlier, batons are easy to use. You cannot really attend a training class to teach you how to swing a stick. What most people would require training is on how to tackle an attacker using a baton.

Non-lethal weapon. Batons are non-lethal weapons unlike guns and knives that can cause permanent damages like deformity or even death. Is that something you’d want haunting your conscience?

Batons are also cheaper than other defensive weapons and do not require as many legal regulations. This, however, only applies to areas where batons are legal for civilian use.

Why travel with a baton?

At some point, carrying a baton with you looks ridiculous and may seem like a weaker form of a self-defense weapon. For example, you may find it funny when police officers choose to carry these “useless” sticks instead of guns as they have the authority to possess one.

There are various reasons as to why you should prefer to own a baton and travel with it. Here are some.

  1. Compact and concealed easily

While in public, the last thing that comes to mind is having your weapon garner the attention of other people. Batons e.g. expandable batons, are compact and thus, enable you to have the element of surprise over your attacker.

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  1. No Restrictions

You may get restricted from certain buildings or public areas when carrying some forms of self-defense weapons.

But, with a baton, you are free to travel with it and access various buildings or public areas while carrying your baton. This non-lethal weapon should then be your preferred choice while traveling.

  1. Effective

Batons do not require much training for enhanced use. Just use your body’s force and you can inflict damage to an attacker.

  1. Ready for action

You can easily access your baton and use it for self-defense. Also, using a baton, it is hard to miss your target.

See baton nightstick for enhanced security at night.

  1. Non-lethal weapon

Batons are among the non-lethal weapons to use hence save your conscience from potentially killing someone.

To wrap it up, batons are often legal but this does not apply to some regions. So if your state allows the use and carrying of batons then it is high time you get yourself one.

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