HKTales: The Peak

One experience you shouldn’t miss when you are in HK is riding The Peak Tram. It is one of the most popular and the oldest funicular railways and it rises around 1,300 ft above sea level, giving you the ultimate view of Hong Kong from the top. There is also shopping and dining in The Peak.
While getting up there could be really exciting as it climb up in a seemingly ridiculous angle, the view from all around you when you are up is spectacular.
The Peak Tower is one of HK’s most stylish buildings.
This spot is by the entrance of Burger King, if you want to look for it. We didn’t opt to purchase tickets for the Sky Terrace 428 mainly because we don’t want to pay extra.

  • The Peak Tower
    10 am to 11 pm (Mon – Fri)
    8 am to 11 pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

Aside from boutiques and dining, you’ll find Madness 3D Adventure inside – it is free but there are areas that you have to pay to have your photo taken.

  • Madness 3D Adventure
    10 am to 11 pm (Mon – Sun & Public Holidays)

Madam Tussauds Hongkong is also in The Peak Tower – it where you will find the world’s most popular personalities in wax figures. Tickets are available here. You can also check Klook for promos.

  • Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
    10 am to 10 pm (Mon – Sun & Public Holidays)

DSCF5201There is also Sky Terrace 428 on the topmost of The Peak Tower, which offers panoramic and 360° view of the whole city. This is the one we didn’t try as we didn’t see the need to since we were already satisfied with what we saw at the viewing deck that we went to. Rates are usually bundled with The Peak Tram.

  • Sky Terrace 428
    10 am to 11 pm (Mon – Fri)
    8 am to 11 pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

We also did a some nature walk and followed the Hong Kong Trail but we only walked for 30 minutes going to and back where we left our parents. We were just looking for the nice spot to view the city. There’s also Mount Austin Road (there is a playground here but we didn’t go to this area), Victoria Peak Garden and Pok Fu Lam Country Park.
After this we found, THE SPOT, well it was the better spot for us, since we didn’t went up the Sky Terrace nor walked all the way to the spot in Hong Kong Trail that has none of less unobstructed view.

It’s to your right when you exit The Peak Tower. You will see Lugard Road. Go towards it, but stop when you see this white building to you front, gray walls and stairs – it is the path going to Old Peak Road. There were not so many people here that we were able to have the place all by ourselves for at least a few minutes. Not until people came in and out of the comfort room in the vicinity. The view is spectacular, in my son’s words.
Payment Options and Entrance Fees. You can buy a ticket at the booth, or if you have promos like from Klook. But the best bet for us, that saved us from the very long line is by entering using our Octopus Card. There aren’t any difference in the entrance fee, whatever you use, it’s all the same. Unless you are using Klook and it’s on a bundle. So make sure your Octopus Card is loaded.
That’s HK$52 for an adult return ticket, HK$37 Single; HK$23 for a child’s return ticket and HK$14 for single.

How did we get to The Peak Tram Terminus? I can’t even imagine what we did. We did a very long walk from Central Station to Garden Road. I think it was around 45 minutes. Get your Google Maps ready when you walk. You can also grab a cab instead.

Peak Tram Lower Terminus
33 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
7 am to 12 midnight (Mon – Sun & Public Holidays)



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