Laro Tayo with Our Kids and Stay Fresh with Johnson’s Active Kids

Thank you JOHNSON’S baby for sending a box of surprises to keeps Coco fresh and sweet-smelling before, during and after play time! Johnson’s Active Kids Line are a must for an active child like Coco. #JohnsonsPlayDays #LaroTayo


This year, Johnson’s continue their Play Days campaign by reminding us parents with the importance of JOINT ACTIVE PLAY. In this age of technology, less and less kids come out and play and more and more of them are engrossed with their tablets and missing the opportunity to enjoy playtime in the great outdoors.

Iba ang laro kapag ikaw ang kalaro” – Hearing this makes me guilty because of the less time I spend playing with Coco. But with guilt comes hope and more opportunities to realize that even if time is fleeting, you can still do something about it. Playing with your child, especially playing with your child outdoors is also important to their cognitive and social development.

One of the challenges that we face when our child is playing is the uncomfortable feeling and scent that they get after playing. Especially if it is under the sun and honestly, because of this, I limit playtime, may it be indoors or outdoors because even I feel uncomfortable of how Coco looks, drenching with sweat. Johnson’s Active Kids Play line is the answer to keep our children sweet smelling and fresh even after playing all day. The set complete with baby powder, shampoo, body wash and cologne is definitely a must have for my very active boy.

How about you? How do you make sure that your children are staying fresh even after playing under the heat of the sun? Do you also play with your kids? How do you play with them? Share them with us, so we can share ideas!



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