Johnson’s Active Kids Make Play Days More Presko-Bango!

Johnson’s has always been an advocate of play, as I am. In fact, this is my 2nd time participating on their Johnson’s Play Days Campaign, the first one which was in 2018 if I remember it right. They also believe in the power of enjoying and learning through play, as play will always be an integral part of a child’s growth and development.

As an advocate of play, aside from encouraging our children to do active play and be a pro-play parent, parents are also urged to play with their children. Raising a very active boy introduced me to different kinds of rough play. You know how boys are!

I have always encouraged Coco to play pretend and I never hesitated to by him all the toys and costumes he would need to spark his imagination while he takes roles as a chef, grab driver, carpenter, burger resto cook, TV reported, director, singer and yes.. you know it.. his favorite super here, as you can see.
But it doesn’t end with that, even if I am busy with work, I always try my best to play with him, even for a few minutes. It doesn’t just give him the feeling that he will always be my priority but it also brings me to his world and allows me to get to know him more.

And the key to keeping Coco still fresh and clean despite of all day playing inside our home is the Johnson’s Active Kids line – from bath time to freshen up time! The Johnson’s Active Kids range is specially designed to be gentle versus adult products, but effective for toddler needs. It is also 100% gentle, like the ones for babies. It is pH Balanced and tested with pediatricians. And the same as the baby line, it has no added parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes.

Johnson’s Active Kids Clean and Fresh Bath and Johnson’s Active Kids Shiny Drops Shampoo for bathing that makes him feeling and smelling fresh, even after playing all day.

Johnson’s Active Fresh Baby Powder or any other variant that continuously works to absorb sweat to keep Coco fresh all day long, especially at night before sleeping. He can play all-day and still smell  presko-bango, without smelling maasim!
Since Coco was born, I’ve always used Johnson’s Baby Powder because he was born on a summer, when it is super hot and he is super chubby. I used it on his thighs and arm folds, so that he won’t start to wound.

This came from the Johnson’s Baby PH website:
Is talc safe for my baby’s skin? JOHNSON’S® Baby talc products are made using U.S. Pharmacopeial (USP) grade talc to ensure it meets the highest-quality, purity and compliance standards. Our talc is carefully selected, processed and tested to ensure that is asbestos free, as confirmed by regular testing conducted since the 1970s. Our confidence in using talc is based on a long history of safe use and more than 30 years of research by independent researchers, scientific review boards and global regulatory authorities.

Johnson’s Baby Cologne that makes Coco still smells like a baby, even if he is already 7 years old. Here he is using the Slide scent from the Playtime Collection. He still smells so good even if he played under the sun.

Johnson’s Baby has been a part of Coco’s grooming and hygiene since he was a new born and I am so glad to have to still be using them through toddlerhood and literally, as he is now a 7 year old child because of the different product lines they made available for babies and kids of all ages.

Be a part of the Gentle Circle of Care Community, please click the photo below.

Aside from leading super markets nationwide, you can also purchase them in LazMall, please click the photo below.

Here are some of the Johnson’s Active Kids line Playtime Collection. Definitely Laro’y mas masaya, pag lahat PRESKO-BANGO! You can drop by the Johnson’s PH website to read more about its toddler and kid care line.

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  1. Grabe, parenting goals! Super cute nung photo with the spiderman suit. I’m sure Coco’s childhood is something else with Johnson’s!


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