Privato Staycation

Tito Vic gifted Coco with a staycation at Privato Hotel. So, we had an impromptu overnight together with Mama and a visit with my high school best friends, Aimee and Seska.
Since I am rarely around the area, I am not familiar with this hotel, hence I also never knew how new it is (opened in 2013). Add also the fact, that we would only have our staycations at Discovery Suites. In short, this is our first time here.
The facade of the hotel is nice, since Shaw Blvd looks really, really busy. It is like a rainbow in the white sky. If you will pass by its area, it is very noticeable because of its white facade.
So first impression of this hotel is a-okay. I like how bright its aura is upon entering the hotel, as you also walked to their lobby, where there are modern look sofa sets, the front desk and the lounge cafe.
We stayed in an Executive King room – one huge bed where Coco wouldn’t stop jumping up and down, and rolling from left to right.
We then went to their Roof Deck, where the swimming pool, gym and Verona Roof deck is located. Coco enjoyed the pool the most – because it is perfect for his height. I didn’t take a look inside the gym room nor go to the Verona Roof deck or any other dining area and function area since I am with Coco, who just want to swim and I can’t really leave him behind.
After an hour swim, we just stayed in our room, cuddled and played until my friends arrived. Food were delivered. Then we slept-in until it was time to go home.


  1. Staff warmly welcomed us when we entered the hotel, the concierge helped me with my suitcase, up until we reached our room.
  2. Upon telling the front desk of my reservation – it wasn’t found – Vic’s nor mine – I’m not sure what they did after since they just had me sign the conforme form after the front desk talked to her supervisor. The thing is, Vic called the hotel to book our reservation, they asked him to email them the GC, after he did, there was no feedback from them. I had to call them to confirm the booking.
  3. When we reached our room, our key card was busted. It could open our room but not the electricity slot. So, the concierge had to call the technician to look at it. He tried his own key card and it worked so they had to go get a new key card for me to use. So, it was a good 10 minute wait in the dark inside the room.
  4. Before going up to the roof deck, I asked customer service if they have a towel in the pool area. She said there is and I don’t need to bring the ones in the room. When I asked for towels, I was told that there are no towels available, I reiterated what the CS told me and they said that there are no towels available because they haven’t washed them as their washer is broken. I told them, OK and we just went and swim. After a while, they brought us 2 towels.
  5. Midnight, right before we sleep, Coco spilled some liquid on our beddings. The housekeeping promptly went to our room and changed everything, even if I told them that he doesn’t have to change them all.
  6. There is this certain stench inside our bathroom, not the whole time though. We noticed it around 11PM and then up until we were about to go home.
  7. Plus points for giving us an extra hour after the supposedly 12NN check out
  8. WIFI is very very very GOOD. Aircon is cold, right temperature for us.
  9. There is KFC and Chowking beside the hotel.
  10. When I checked out, I handed my key cards to the lady in the front desk. I waited patiently at the lobby. She accommodated the ones who checked out before me first. A few more minutes after, I went to the front desk to ask for the password of their lobby WIFI and asked if we are already cleared for check out. Lo and behold, the lady has forgotten me as she was already speaking with some other hotel staff. If I didn’t follow up, I’d be waiting for a longer time.

Overall, what matters is that Coco enjoyed the staycation at Privato as it is really for him. Thank you Tito Vic for giving Coco this staycation, at least he was able to have relax and have fun right before the year ends.


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