Halloween 2016

Coco is now in the stage were he decides on what to wear and knows his favorites. For this year’s Trick or Treat, he chose to be Jake the Neverland Pirate, one of his favorite characters from Disney Junior.

And he loves singing the Trick or Treasure song of the Jake the Neverland Pirate show.

Trick or treasure Halloween pleasure
Under the pirate moon
When you count your share
You’d best take care
Or the trick may come to soon

I was browsing on event schedules of different hotels, malls and establishments. I wanted to come back to EDSA Shangri-la Hotel but since the last time we joined, their ticket prices has soared higher and higher. Shangri-la Mall was promising too, but Coco’s costume will not be ready by then. I was waiting for Discovery Suites’ event schedule (my first choice) but nothing came out, so I asked directly from their team, and learned that they will not be having an event this year. I then checked Fun Ranch, which looks promising but the halloween party and the trick or treat has 2 different schedule – too much hassle. So, I ended not joining any halloween events this year in any establishments.
This year though, we were finally able to join my sis and Vic at the Seranilla’s yearly Halloween bash. Their friend, Vian has been inviting us to join them, so this year we made sure we are joining. BUT I have to wear a costume too. So, I thought of dressing up as Izzy, one of Jake’s crew to complement Coco’s Jake costume.
It’s our first “legit” trick or treating in a village. But the thing is, we arrived past 4PM, and when we started doing rounds, the candies were gone. We only got a few. Good thing, Coco wasn’t too devastated. I think he enjoyed walking around and sightseeing the costumes of the other kids to realize he didn’t get candies.
We just went back to the Seranilla’s house to rest and wait for their party to begin and we went home ahead after dinner, because we have a 6AM ToT at Jhe’s office the next day.
At my husband’s office’s trick or treat event, Coco wore his Spider-Man costume because he said he wanted to be like his Tito Vian (who wore Spidey last night).

Bawi naman sa candies and treats and Mcdo breakfast for the kids. Grimace was there too! They have best costume award din pala, di ko pa naman kinarir yung costume ni Coco here.

Lesson Learned. Go early to AAV next year for Trick or Treat and make a mega career costume for Jhe’s office’s trick or treat event. haha! I’m competitive like that. Career ko talaga ang costumes ni Coco. haha!


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