USTV: Gilmore Girls

When Gilmore Girls first aired, I wasn’t into US TV series yet. It was my college friend, Ces’ favorite and she introduced the show to me. But I wasn’t too keen on watching it because I was too hooked with One Tree Hill.
Ten years after, I found myself watching the series (all 7 seasons of it in 26 days). All because I wanted to watch another series since I subscribed to Netflix and I already finished Pretty Little Liars. And I instantly become addicted to it, as easy as I got intensely addicted to coffee.
I’m so addicted to it wishing I have my own Luke’s Diner in my own small town. I’ll have pancakes and whatnots plus coffee every single morning, or even lunch or dinner. Wishing my best friend, “Lane” just lives a block away so I can see her almost every minute. Although, I have my own “Dean” in life, I didn’t have a “Jess” (not that I want that) or a “Logan” (ooohh, Logan!). I ended up with “Dean”. Town meetings, town events, Dragon Fly Inn.. and a lot more.

I love love love Lorelai and Rory’s best friend-mom-daughter relationship. The two Lorelais are strong women, too strong that they even fall apart when they are not in good terms. Strong enough to show other single moms can stand on their own, and that even if you are new in a crowd, you can always stand up for your self. Lorelai has now become my ultimate #MomGoals. Rory, you are an inspiration. You followed your dreams and get what she wanted, while working hard for it. Sookie is the best friend a person would ever have. Luke is one good soul, might be best for Lorelai, but I still want her and Christopher in the end. Christopher is LOVE, I love him beyond his imperfections. I still wish that he and Lorelai will be together in the end. I was gonna say that Dean is the best TV boyfriend ever, until Logan came in the picture.
Really, I deeply and passionately and crazily am in loved with this show. Gilmore Girls is beyond perfect. It was beautifully written with perfectly mixed characters. Too good, way too good. Amy Sherman-Palladino you are amazing.

As soon as I finished the series, I had my Gilmore Girls withdrawal. I browsed instagram accounts, twitter and news articles about the show and then learned about the 4-part 90-minute each revival happening on November 25.
To the women of Gilmore girls, just THANK YOU! I may be 16 years late, but it is better late than never right? I can’t wait to be back in Stars Hollow, are you too? #motherdaughtergoals


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