Ako Si Josephine, The Musical

I’m a fan of almost all the songs of Yeng Constantino, most especially “Hawak Kamay”, “Habang Buhay”, “Time In” and her newest, “Ikaw”. Kaya hindi pwedeng hindi manood ng “Ako Si Josephine”.

But of course, ang pinaka reason why we watched is Flattitude! Vic Robinson, we’re so proud of you!

*Grabbed from on of Vic’s tagged photos from the show, this is his #AkoSiFlattitude Moment

I’m not really good at doing theater (nor movie) reviews because I’m not really the type of person who watches every play on show. But i wanna say that they did a great job in putting all the songs together, the cast is superb, awesome, awesome talents, kilig, super funny adlibs! Worth watching!

This is also Coco’s first play since he was 6 months old (when he watched Lola Basyang, also in PETA, also Vic’s). So, first time niyang nakakaintindi na sya. Well, he may not really understand the story, but with his applaud during the final song as well as his super wave kay Vic, I bet he really enjoyed the show and nagalingan sya!

PS. Coco was not in the mood for photo ops, but I really want him to have a picture here, at ayaw niya talaga magpicture, ako daw ang pipicturan niya, thus my solo pic. haha.


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