Disney at Mega x Team Kramer

I was so prepared to fall in line early to get a pass for me and Coco for the Disney show this morning. But luckily, thank God for my godsister-slash-my mom’s officemate now, who used to work at SM helped us to get passes without us having to line up. Our show was at the 4:00 PM sked. While waiting for the show, I decided to go to The SM Store to shop for Coco’s stuff. It was just 2:00 PM. My mom called me up and she was already reprimanding me for not answering and for me to hurry up and go to the stage area, ASAP! So, I panicky went to Mega A from Mega B.

When I arrived, my mom, my aunt and little cousin is already inside, seated at the front row. It turned out that we were invited to watch the VIP show by the contact of my godsister. Lucky us!

So we arrived just in time to see the gang dancing. Then there was a little ritual where each child was given a star ornament and that they have to make a wish, as the Christmas tree of Mega was first lit up.

I was in cloud 9. Seeing Mickey Mouse again, after 3 years from our HK Disneyland Trip and now seeing it with my baby. Then, I spotted the whole Team Kramer family also seated at the front row, opposite where we were seated.

Actually, I was so tensed and excited at the same time. I really have to take pictures with them, I thought. So, as soon as picture taking started and as we await for our turn. I approached THE Team Kramer and enjoyed the conversation I had with the Mama Kramer, Chesca (I’ve been a fan of hers since US Girls days). Papa Kramer, Doug joined us as well. Chesca was carrying Coco the whole time.

Scarlett was so gigil with Coco.

Gavin didn’t care if Coco was carried by his mama.

Kendra was being such an ate and played with Coco as well as put his arms around Coco when we took a picture with her.

Of course, we’ll have the mandatory group picture with social media’s first family.

Then, it was our turn for our photo op with Mickey. Team Kramer fell in line, and we followed them as well.

Now, for the real essence of this post, Mickey Mouse. I was still in heaven because of Team Kramer, that I didn’t feel Mickey’s presence anymore. I was too starstrucked with that, nakalimutan ko na sina Mickey. Haha.

It was really fast. Then mommy said, we’d watch again at the 4:00 PM show. So, I finally composed my self and wait for the next show. This time, when I went up the stage, I placed Coco seated in the stage and Mickey, Minnie and Goofy got the cue, so they kneeled down and crowded beside him. Everyone in the audience as well as the organizers can’t help but “Awwwwwww!” with the precious sight. This time, I am really starstrucked with the mouse na.

As I approached the stage again, it seems like Mickey was whispering something to Coco as well as kissed him. It was so cute. Buti na lang napicturan. When I was already beside them, Mickey and Goofy was jokingly guarding Coco and wouldn’t let me come closer to him.

Today was full of surprises. The day I was brushing elbows with the Kramers. I wouldn’t ever forget Coco’s first meeting with Mickey, even if he doesn’t know him yet. When he gets bigger and knows Mickey na, I would definitely tell him his story of him and Mickey’s first meet up.

Thank you SM Mega for the opportunity and as well as big thanks to the Kramers for being so friendly and accomodating. God Bless your family always.

Here is the borlogs na Coco when we got home so tired. With his loot from today. They gave out Mickey, Minnie adn Goofy dolls for giveaway!


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