Mommy Club

I am thankful to have such a supportive and a non-judgemental support system during the duration of my pregnancy, up until now. These are the ladies that I was with awhile ago.

I have my family and friends as my support system. But these ladies I have “been” with for the past year is different. The mommies among my family and friends may have gone through what I may have felt during the past year, but what I have with these ladies is different. Why? Because we share and feel exactly the same feelings, pain, thoughts, problems, anxiety, happiness, excitement, all those mixed emotions — almost at the same moment, the same time.

I met these ladies at the Girltalk forum. We all conceived our babies around the 3rd quarter of 2012 and we were all expecting our little ones by the 2nd quarter of 2013. We were very active in posting in our thread, until we made a separate FB group, where we can easily share whatever it is that we want to share. No rules. No pretensions. Just be yourself.

Now that we have all given birth, and at least recovered from giving birth and all that. We finally planned to have our first “EB” or meet up, which already happened today. This is my first meet up with them, as I wasn’t able to join the “Baby Shower” meet up because I was already giving birth when it happened. I am actually a shy person, especially when there are new people around. But with them, I felt “at home”. Nakakatuwa. Even with their hubbies.

So, here’s 1/4 of the little club we have and hope to share more memories, fun and all that stuff with them, as we journey through Motherhood and as our little ones grow up!

Top: Mommy Kaygee & Ria; Mommy Anna & Chloe; Mommy Hazel & Robert; Mommy Gitz & Chloe; Mommy Glo & Nica and Mommy Miah & Iannie
Bottom: Mommy Christina & Aeona; Mommy Kai & Aeon; Mommy Vina & Paris; Me & Coco; Mommy Kris & Alonzo and Mommy Kathleen & Andre

I hope the other mommies (daddies [and Coco’s daddy] and little ones) will be able to join our next “big” get together prolly after the Christmas holidays to accommodate those who are coming home for Christmas! Thank you to the very supportive hubbies as well!

And thank you Daddy Paul (hubby of Vina/Daddy of Paris) for carrying Coco, and letting him ride your stroller and for Kris’ yaya for also carrying Coco so I could eat!

Today Coco made new friends, which I hope he’ll really be friends with when he grows up! Today’s OOTD: Shirt c/o Ginger Snaps, Jumper c/o Old Navy & Sandals c/o Old Navy


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