Happy Fourth Month, our dear Marcus!

Why did time flew so fast? CAN YOU PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!! ='( You are now 1/3 of a year my baby love!
 photo IMG_3911.jpg photo IMG_3911.jpg photo IMG_3911.jpg
You did a lot of things that amazed me up until this very moment. I can’t believe that you’re already in those phase. Your ninang Rissey taught you to say your name and we heard you once, saing “A-co”. You sing. A lot. You already have a grip with things and could lift your neck high. You’ve finally started to giggle… loud! You tried to rise up from your seat and you watch TV (most times, it’s TV Patrol and The Buzz that you like), You already recognize people that surrounds you- you know that your daddy is your daddy, your mommy is your mommy. I even heard your “oh-ma” a few times. You watched your first movie – Toy Story as well as Barney. You are fascinated with balloons. You have attempts to roll over. Sometimes, you needed help. Sometimes you were frustrated that you end up crying and still you have few successful ones. You now laugh when someone tries to make you laugh. You now sleep sideways. Every morning when you wake up, you try to roll over. You a very malikot na bata when you sleep. You’re like a clock’s hands actually! You love playing with anything that is a cloth. And that’s just what you’ve learned to do during the past month. I wonder what my Coco will do this month?

A happy happy 4th month to my baby prince! I love you more than life itself!


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