Cinemalaya 2012 is coming up!

The 8th edition of Cinemalaya will on from July 20-29, 2012 at the CCP as well as selected cinemas in Greenbelt and TriNoma.

Here are 3 entries of the 10 New Breed Category that I will be definitely watching.

1. Diablo by Mes De Guzman
Stars: Ama Quiambao, Carlo Aquino, Arnold Reyes, Althea Vega, Roeder Camañag

Diablo revolves around Lusing (played by Ama Quiambao), mother to five grown up sons who have distinct characters and professions of their own. The first born is Ronaldo (Jose Escobedo), an elementary school teacher assigned in a remote village. He is followed by Fernando (Fredie dela Cruz), an army lieutenant, while the third child, Alberto (Roeder Camañag), lives in the city trying to manage a fledging business. He is succeeded by Ruben (Arnold Reyes), a farmer who tills the two-hectare rice field owned by the family, part of the few properties left by Lusing’s late husband. Her youngest is Oscar (Carlo Aquino), a deep thinker who chose to be a nomadic hermit. Oscar is in pursuit of enlightenment. He travels to search for the “illuminating radiance” he witnessed as a child while flying a kite in their rice field. He wears a white missionary gown and goes around the village and up the hills carrying a lamp.

MargxWanders: Palagi naman akong excited sa mga films ni kuya (carlo). Wala akong pinapalampas. I know, isa nanaman ito sa mga obra na pinagbibilangan niya. First time ko makikita si kuya as a hermit. Mukhang deep ah. Let’s see!

2. Sta. Nina by Emmanuel Palo
Stars: Coco Martin, Angel Aquino, Alessandra de Rossi, Anita Linda

Sta. Niña is a fictional story of a girl whose body was preserved in lahar, prompting people to believe that she can produce miracles.

Writer-director Emmanuel “Manny” Palo explained, “Namatay yung bata before matabunan ng lahar ang Bacolor in 1995. During the evacuation, yung mag-asawa iniwan nila yung bangkay kasi they cannot bring it to the relocation area. Matatabunan yung bahay nila ng lahar. Gusto nila na ilibing properly yung bata. After 10 years, mahuhukay siya and yung katawan ng batawas still intact.”

Coco Martin portrays Pol Mungkal, a father who is campaigning to have his daughter recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church. His wife Madel is portrayed by Alessandra de Rossi.

MargxWanders: The prince is back. Coco Martin IS Coco Martin. The plot is really interesting. Mahilig talaga ako sa mga gantong type. Excited ako makita siya as a “father-figure”.

3. Aparisyon by Vincent Sandoval and Darlene Malimas
Stars: Jodi Sta. Maria, Mylene Dizon, Raquel Villavicencio, Fides Cuyugan-Asensio

Aparisyon is a film about contemplative nuns who must grapple with an act of violence in the months leading to the declaration of Martial Law in 1972.

Sister Lourdes (Jodi Sta. Maria) is a new member of the Adoration Monastery, which is under the leadership of Mother Superior Ruth (Fides Cuyugan-Asensio). Sister Lourdes becomes close to Sister Remy (Mylene Dizon) whohas to deal with the fact that her activist brother has been snatched away. Raquel Villavicencio is also cast as Sister Vera, who is Mother Ruth’s aide and confidante.

MargxWanders: I’ve always been fascinated by films/shows with nuns in it. Maybe because I grew up surrounded by nuns since I studied in a Catholic School run by nuns. Of course there are nun stories, and this one is different and it has Jodi and Mylene in it.

I’m looking forward to watching them all, but these 3, I wouldn’t miss. Hope time permits and I’d be able to watch them all.

PS. Synopsis from PEP and Posters scattered around WWW.


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