Manila Ocean Park

I was able to purchase a cheap package for entering the different attractions of Manila Ocean Park, (400php for Oceanarium, Glass Bottom Boat ride, Fish Spa and Sea Lion Show – which is originally, 400php, 150php 150php and 300php respectively) but I also added Trails to Antartica (300php) and Jellies (150php) in our itinerary.

We decided to have our first “child at heart” day to celebrate our 28th month back together.

We arrived a little past 10AM and purchased our extra tickets.

Stop 1: We were actually just in time for the Sea Lion Show‘s 11AM first run for the day.

We met the 2 very smart South American Sea Lions named Yessy and Isabel. It always makes me wonder how they learned those tricks, they could even dance. Jhe really enjoyed watching their show.

Stop 2: The Oceanarium. I didn’t really enjoy viewing the fishes here because there were really a lot of people (it’s mother’s day) during our visit. Plus I’ve been to so many oceanariums abroad that this – our oceanarium didn’t tickle my fancy.

Jhe viewed each aquarium with delight that I can’t help buy actually enjoy myself as well.

I especially love the huge aquarium before you enter the tunnel which house huge kinds of fishes. As well as the tunnel that makes you have a feel that you are also underwater with them.

Stop 3: Glass Bottom Boat Ride was a major disappointment. If it wasn’t part of the package, I wouldn’t have bought it. It was like a square space/room above the tunnel part of the oceanarium. You will ride a boat and it will just cruise around the watered area for at least 10 minutes. You will see the fishes and sting rays from the glass bottom and at times, you will also see the people underneath, those that are in the tunnel. A kid actually saw us, so I waved to her. Pretty boring actually, especially if you’ve seen and rode the real thing (like I did in Boracay).

Stop 4: Jellies (Dancing Sea Fairies) was a favorite. I admit, I don’t really like these creatures. But this attraction made me admire them. Maybe because of the soothing sound inside and the lights. It was the best spot to “photo op”. It is pretty calming inside.

Stop 5: Fish Spa was also a favorite. We had 20 minutes of nibble fishes nibbling our dead skin in our toes. It was fun and relaxing.

Stop 6: Trails to Antartica is divided to 3 parts. First is the Penguin Aquarium where you can see live penguins swimming and playing around. It is the first time that I encountered a “feed the penguin” picture taking in an oceanarium. I would have tried it but it is 250php per person which is too much for us. It would have been a nice experience though.

The second part was the Slide-O-Fun where you will experience tubing in a aluminum slide that they wet for the tube to slide down. It will make you feel that you are in an snowy hill. It’s fun coz I’m with Jhe but of course it’s different from the tubing in real snow in Lake Tahoe that I experienced before. They will take your picture as you slide down and it is 100php for the print out.

And for finale, is the “North Pole” – a small room where the temperature is really cold with ice fixtures and details. They told us not to use our gadgets inside because it might moist and be broken. But the stubborn me wanted to have pictures inside. So.

So that concludes our fun fun day at Manila Ocean Park, leaving us with happy hearts and huge smiles in our face.

What were your experiences in Manila Ocean Park? Would you mind sharing?

For promos and packages kindly visit their website at: or send them a message in their facebook account:


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