Awesome Christmas, 2011

A very weird feeling for Christmas this year. Imagine, it was already the eve and I don’t feel any Christmas cheer?
Yes, even after Christmas shopping, Simbang Gabi and wrapping up the presents.

I was on rest day last friday so I have enough time to prepare for Christmas eve. I also prepared dessert, Mango Jelly for my Hemady and Ranosa families for Noche Buena. Jhe called me up and told me that we were going to Megamall to buy me his Christmas present.
We weren’t able to go to mass Friday night, which is the 9th night of Simbang Gabi. So we woke up early for the Misa de Gallo the next day. In short, we were able to complete the Simbang Gabi. *make a wish*

First stop on Christmas Eve dinner was at the Ranosa’s. This is my first time to celebrate Christmas with them. I love Ate Carol’s Spare ribs!!! I brought food for Noche Buena as well.

Second stop for Noche Buena was at our taytay house, with the Hemady’s. Sobrang konti na lang namin. But we still enjoyed the night. We were also on Skype with Auntie Maggie, Auntie Chi and Claudean who are in UK.

Final stop for the night, was the after-Noche Buena trippings with the Barkada at Erwin’s. But it was just Erwin, Nica, Sandel, Jhe and I this year. Nica and I watched My Neighbor’s Wife while the boys with some of Erwin and Sandel’s friends drink.

Woke up early on Christmas Day for Christmas Late Lunch with the Adea’s at Auntie Baby’s home in Modesto. It’s my first time to celebrate this occasion with them, that I can remember.

Here’s is my only nephew and godson, Caleb Grey at 1 who loves crawling and has a shoe addiction (he loves playing with shoes!) and my youngest niece at the moment, Porschea Mikaela. Bagong gising eh, hirap patawanin. Haha! She’s so cute and white, definitely, her mom, Ate Tin’s mini me.

Last stop for Christmas day was going back to my grandparents’ house in taytay, with Jhe for a visit.

Yesterday, I met up with Frap’s family at megamall. We were supposed to go to their place, but they had to go somewhere. So, we just met up. I wanted to give the kids their Christmas gifts before the year ends, para di naman masyadong late kung next year pa. My godson, Lucian has 2 gifts since it’s his birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday my baby kuya! Ninang Frap loves you so much!

So that speaks of why my Christmas this year is awesome! How’s yours?


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