OPMovies: Won't Last The Day Without You

“Minsan talaga noh, kahit anong pilit ng mundo na pag-hiwalayin ang dalawang tao, kung sila talaga, sila pa rin ang magkakatuluyan. Knockout ka talaga kapag pag-ibig na ang kalaban.”

Another box office Star Cinema (and Viva) film for 2011 is Sarah Geromino and Gerald Anderson’s follow up movie. You can’t deny the on-screen chemistry they have. I enjoyed their first movie, that’s why it’s a must that I watch their second film.

I think this is the first time that a story about a DJ was used in a movie. But calling a DJ for love problems has been going on for ages that they were not really listened to by the majority because they think that they are jologs and the listeners are more of the lower class (not that I am discriminating). But I guess, because of the new generation DJs or how love help line radio shows have evolved like that of Papa Jack’s, many people from all classes has came to love and enjoy these kind of shows and has turned to their own nightly listening habit. Star Cinema and Viva struck while the iron was hot, while these kind of radio shows are popular, so is the love team, thus another block buster.

Sarah plays DJ Heidee aka George Apostol who is tagged as the hero of the broken hearted. She deals with her listeners’ love problems with so much bitterness in her heart, is a man-hater who closed his heart to anyone. But despite of that, her segment was a hit. Sarah owned her character, she nailed her DJ stint. DJ Heidi accidentally convinces her caller to break up with his boyfriend (which happened to be Andrew) which led to Andrew command and burden DJ Heidee in helping him to win back his ex.

Gerald plays the resident chicboy, Andrew Escalona whom George helps to change so that his girlfriend would get back to him and whom George actually fell in love with and vise versa. You na Budoy. 😀 I’m sorry, despite the fact that Gerald is a natural with this kind of role, in some ways I see some Budoy antics. I’m so sorry!!! 😀 After watching a few months of Budoy every night, I totally forgot the Gerald Anderson and is now used to Budoy. hihi. But don’t ya worry, once Gerald takes of his wet white shirt, you’ll definitely forget him as Budoy.

Going back, I like how in turn the listeners were the ones who gave advice for DJ Heidee. Like, it could happen pala. Tao din naman kasi sila, at hindi din perpekto. Not all of their advices din naman eh kailangan nating i-accept. Because una sa lahat, we have different opinions and way of thinking, it could be right for the DJ but not for you. And second, we just seek advices from the DJ or from our friends, they didn’t tell us to do what they have to say, it’s our own heart, own mind and own decision with what will happen after they give as an advice.

Sarah in the film doesn’t believe in true love because she has been hurt by her ex and her friend. She has a closed mind and heart. Gerald is the exact kind of guy that she hates the most. It’s funny how in a way she groomed Andrew to be her perfect guy. Haha. But you know, you can’t change a person talaga unless that person really wants to change for you, for someone. Like that of Andrew’s who wants to change for his ex but it turns out became the perfect guy for George.

For Boys to know and learn as per George:
RULE #1: Pay attention para walang tensyon
RULE #2: Makiramdam kay madam
RULE #5: ROMANCE is a SLOW dance. Dapat ang kiss, nagpapa-miss, dahil ang paghihintay, yun ang pamatay! Romantic kiss = hawak sa buhok, sa pisngi, eye contact, BOOM!

As for George, she found her true love in the most unexpected way with the most unexpected person. And you’ll find that too, as long as you let go of the hatred that you have in your heart, forgive your past and you open your heart to what ever it is that will come your way.


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