Homemade Zit Buster aka Aspirin

I have 2 huge zits in my face, one at the right side of my upper lip and one on top of my right eye brow. It really hurts yesterday plus it got big, red and swollen. I have a wedding to attend next week, I have to have a clear face by then.

Here’s my quick remedy – a piece of aspirin. Use the white kind, Bayer brand at P2.75/pc. You wouldn’t want to use colored aspirin on your face.

So before going to bed last night, I got a piece of aspirin, then sprinkled a little water in it so I could crush it easily then, placed it in the zits in my face and let it stay there the whole night.

When  I wake up this morning, the swollen has already deflated, not red anymore and it dried up already.

So there! My homemade remedy for zits!



  1. Thanks for the tips frap! 🙂 I also have one on my forehead. 😦

    Off topic: I want to go home frap, I’m so homesick na. 😐 :((
    Parang ayaw pumayag ni mother-in-law. :((


    • no problem frap! gawin mo na yan, kasi sakin wala na kahapon pa. super saglit lang yung pimple sa mukha ko haha!

      Eh bakit ayaw niya frap?


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