Buffalo Negro goes to Calatagan, Batangas

April 23-24, 2011

Buffalo Negro goes to Calatagan, Batangas this summer.

This was planned with the things to be brought, where we will ride, but the resort wasn’t planned. We just went in a resort that we’d see upon arriving Calatagan. I don’t advise you to do it like this in any place you’re going to because worst comes to worst, you might not get a place to stay on and just waste time, money and effort. Anyway, I don’t have a say in this so, I couldn’t do anything about it. But even if this was the case, luckily, we got a nice place to bond.

We rented a jeepney to accommodate all of us. It was kinda a roughy ride, but it’s all good, we enjoyed everyone’s company.

We 8 couples plus 6 other friends which equals to 22 pax for this trip.

We settled at Nacua Sea Park and Fishing Resort which was the most decent resort that we saw, the one with an accommodation and the one that would fit our budget. We got the 3rd floor, top most floor or the Pavilion and they billed us 14 thousand for the overnight stay complete with the use of the amenities such as the pool, “the beach”, cooking, aircon, TV, ref and 2 bathrooms. It was a two bedroom deck which can accommodate at least 8 pax in each room. The two rooms are parallel to each other with the middle part as the “banquet” were we feasted on our own cooked meals and drinking sesh.

We were very hungry upon arriving the place, so we started on cooking lunch, then had lunch.

Some of us went around the place and learned that there’s really no “beach” or “shore”. There was, but it was a small shore and I’m not sure if anyone would want to swim in there. It wasn’t dirty but it wasn’t exactly “swimmable” and it was not even knee high. But there were fishermen who were hanging out in that area and told us that they could bring us to the so called “mini Boracay” the next morning since it was already low tide for a boat rental of I think around 200-300/boat of 6-7pax. So, after resting we went swimming at the pool and spent the whole afternoon there before we all headed back to our place to cook dinner for everyone. After dinner was the drinking session, kwentuhan and they played 7up until dawn.

We had to wake up early the next day, since we had to catch the boat ride to “mini Boracay”.

So we were like expecting a small island with white sand. But we were quite surprised when our boats stopped and the bankero told us that “this is mini Boracay”. It turns out to be an area with a higher water level than the shore of the resort, with yes, you guess it right, POWDERED WHITE SAND! Ironic how that certain area is just a piece of white surface, in circle shape maybe, and that’s just the certain area in that body of water which is white. We couldn’t actually figure if it was naturally like that or it was man made. For me it was naturally made, coz the sand doesn’t wash off. Diba normally, when there are waves, the sand would wash off, ito hindi eh, it’s as is. And there were creatures in there, crablets and startfish.

After the boat trip, there was more swimming in the pool then it was time to pack up and go back home to Manila. It was not the trip I expected because of some reasons I don’t need to disclose anymore, but the mini Boracay and experiencing it with my love made the trip worth while for me.

Address: Quilitisan, Calatagan, Batangas
Mobile: (+63919) 221-9472

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