5 rules to live by in this multi-media world

I was supposed to tell the story of what happened yesterday. I was halfway through the whole story when I realized that your immaturity and you is not worth a space in this blog of mine.

Here’s my piece and what I ended up writing.

1. Bear in mind that not everyone knows your personality, your attitude and your flaws. Your friends may understand how you talk, you text, you chat, you post messages, but people who does not know you may misinterpret your statement, especially when in a “group”. Be easy on your statement/s.

2. You are what you write. Think before you type. Use words/phrases/sentences that won’t offend anyone. Unless you really want to offend anyone. Yes, not having the right words could definitely fire up some one.

3. Use punctuations properly. If you aren’t mad, then refrain from using excessive “!!!!!” or “?????” Use “!!!!” if you’re super duper happy but make sure that it also shows in your statement that you are.

4. That’s why there’s “private messaging” to keeps things between the people involved. Meaning, people who aren’t part of it, shouldn’t butt in. It will just make things worst.

5. Mean what you say, say what you mean. Don’t tell me to “grow up”, if you are being immature your self. ayt?

And as my friend, 2phe said, “Smile while you read posts, messages, status updates, etc. etc., it creates good vibes.”


Disclaimer: This post isn’t directed to anyone. This is for everyone who blogs, who posts. etc.


  1. hi dearyy!!! loving your blog!! i like this post of yours actually.. very good tips for newbie me! HARHARHAR!! I hope I dont end up having annoyinf people who fight me online… 🙂 hehehehhe!!!


  2. Hi abi! I know, I'll check the flyer you gave me, baka gusto ng sis ko. will just contact them if she likes it.Mommy Gwyn!! thanks much!!! I got pissed kasi with someone, so irritating yung post niya sa “event page of our outing” eh. I was supposed to write it here, but what a waste of time right? I just wrote those tips na lang. hahaha. well i guess, if you're posting in your blog or in your account in facebook, it doesnt matter what you say or do because it's your own account. Bad trip lang, pag nasa isang “group” ka with people who doesn't know everyone diba, tapos me aangas angas and you know it's directing to you. grrr!! have fun blogging, i'm looking forward to your posts! xxx for seren as well!


  3. Hi Margx! I saw your comment on Gwyn's page and despite the tiny thumbnail, I figured.. I know this girl! Hahaha Gwyn's funny and right!!=p I like the last one most, just having good vibes and stuff :)Another newbie!-happycache.tumblr.comxo


  4. kristen! hehehe!! glad I was able to give you two some tips! I will be linking you too (and follow you) when I get back to manila on sunday!! happy to see you drop by my page. lotsolove like the good ole days. mwa.


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