Boracay 2011: MY HOME!

Trip: March 21-26, 2011

Most people my age that I know have been there a lot of times since they were kids. I, on the other hand, was deprived as a kid. But not anymore! It was love at first sight when I first set foot to this haven back in 2009 and I swore to be back at least once every year. This March 2011 trip was my 4th trip to what I’ve been claiming “my province”. Note: 4th because I went there twice in 2009.

My first three trips were with different set of friends and each trip was always a discovery. There’s always new experiences made and shared. It would always be packed with activities such as island hopping (to Diniwid Beach, Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove and Puka Beach), Helmet Diving, Snorkling, Parasailing, Zorb and much more water sports.

This trip, I didn’t do any of those except for the Paraw trip with some new friends that I met where we went to Baling Hai Beach Resort, a secluded area by the northern part of the island and 2 coves away from the white beach. This time, it is my solitary trip. It still is, despite for the fact that I stayed at my cousin, Chad’s rented place, since he’s been living in the island for a couple of months already.

Chad, together with Claissa, Sarah and Celle (some of the locals I’ve met there), brought me to this new place. We were all by ourselves there. It’s like a flowing river where we can swim. I called that place, “My Secret Hideaway“, it was very peaceful and refreshing to be in that place. You wouldn’t know that place if you don’t know anyone from the island.

Meeting and making friends with the locals of the Island. Since Chad is now living there, he introduced me to “the family” he has there. I met the Marasigan Family where Chad’s working in their travel agency. Ate Arlene of Zest and Jean of Tunafest where I was able to eat good food. Sisters, Celle and Claissa (Claissa’s half Swiss) and Sarah (half Norweigian), another set of Chad’s circle of friends there. I really enjoyed my almost a week stay in the island despite the fact that I was on my own because of the hospitality of these people. They are happy people which didn’t give me any dull moment.

But most of all, other than the fact that I was able to spend time with my best cousin, Chad, I enjoyed the time I have for myself during this trip. Since Jhe and I got back together, we spent most of our days together. It’s the first time I’ve been away from him this long. Even though I missed him every second of the day and wished he was there with me, I still didn’t regret the experience of going to the island by myself and that I was able to do some thinking.

I almost weren’t able to fly back to Manila, because of the heavy rain. Luckily, we were still able to secure a flight home. Even if I loved Boracay so much, even if I am in my happy place, there’s really no place like home, in my Manila. 🙂 BUT THEN AGAIN, Boracay will always be my second home, my home away from home, my island, my love!

Few pictures to enjoy 🙂 (hover over the pictures to read the description)


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