Day 03 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show

The show that I call, “My Guide through Life”. The show that I call, “My Best friend”. The show that made me laugh and cry so hard, sometimes both at the same time.

I see myself in every character of this show – in Haley, in Brooke, in Peyton, in Quinn, in Millie, in Mia, in Alex, everyone! I feel like I’m a mixture of everyone in this show.

♥ MillieMouth – Millie taught me how not only to look at the outside, because the inside is what is more important. She taught me how to be confident in myself, that everything has limitations and how not to waste every opportunity that would come my way.

♥ Leyton – Peyton made me believe that there’s one person for me. She made me realize that people always leave, but some would always come back, especially that one person who’s meant for me.

♥ Brulian – Brooke’s lovelife made me believe that there’s always hope. Even after a heartbreak, even after your best friend marries the one you once loved.. One day, Prince Charming will come around. And it did for her.. and for me as well, he actually came back 🙂

♥ QuinClay – Quinn made me believe that I’ll get through anything that life would offer. She made me feel stronger. She reminded me to always have faith in everything, in the man I love, and most especially, in me.

♥ Naley – Haley is my ideal wife and mother, whom I’d definitely imitate when my turn comes. Haley makes me believe that you and the one you love in high school could last always & forever. Haley taught me how to fight for your love. Haley taught me how to cherish your best friend even if you have someone. Haley made me appreciate the concept of a family more.

One Tree Hill made me believe in an everlasting friendship, love and family.

And I’m not yet ready for this to end, please sign the petition:


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