Feels like my first time, Bohol!

Day 1 – Off to the City of Smiles and Friendship – Bohol

From Cebu, you just have to ride a 1-2 hours fast craft or ferry to Bohol. It actually depends on what you will ride on and to what port are you going to dock on.

We chose be docked on the Tubigon port because it is nearer Danao where we would supposed to go to Danao Adventure Park. We were supposed to take the Star Craft Fast Craft, Port 3 (for only P220/pax) but because of the rainy weather, they were having a hard time transporting people. We moved to Port 1 because they still don’t know what time’s the next trip. We rode Kinswell ferry for a promo fare of P100 (because all Star Craft passengers moved to their ferry). It was an almost two hour trip which we didn’t really feel because we were sleeping soundly. Prepare P10/pax for terminal fee.

We have someone to pick us up from the port so it wasn’t hard to look for transportation going to places. So, make sure to hire a van/car beforehand so your trip will be hassle free and continuous. But to our unfortunate souls, it was raining and it wouldn’t be a nice time to tour. The Loboc River Cruise is close because of the strong currents. Danao wasn’t a good choice either. We ended up going straight to our resort and just killed time in the beach (An hour drive from Tubigon Port to Panglao).

But before we went to our home fore 3 days, we ate lunch first in Tubigon. Kuya Jonathan brought us to Chicken Ati Atihan. It’s not really worth recommending, but it’s not bad in there too. Fair price as well, spent P207 for lechon kawali, sisig and rice and 2 bottles of 7-up.

Two of my friends went to Bohol last year, so I asked where they stayed and we also ended up staying there. Our resort was Dumaluan Beach Resort (DBR 2, which is the more classy resort). When we booked our reservation end of last year, it was already a bit full since Sinulog was also coming up. We ended up with the P2,600 worth elegant room – with bath tub, snail shaped folded towels and blankets, mini ref, cabled TV, hot and cold shower and breakfast

I like the room, very spacious with a porch outside. The pool is just outside our room. The place is secured. What I’m bothered is why they don’t have service water when you eat at their dining area, which was during breakfast. I didn’t like the taste of their orange juice that’s why I was asking for water and I’m not a coffee type of person which is the only other beverage available. The food is also a bit pricy. It’s also a bit malamok, but because I’m a girl scout, I have my Off lotion with me. The resort personnel and the front office staff are accommodating. For other rates, visit http://www.dumaluanbeach.com They also have Dumaluan Beach Resort 1 for cheaper rates, I think? And when we passed by the beach area, that’s when I realized that I stayed at DBR 1, 5 years ago!

Beach time was bonding time. Of course we took pictures, by the beach, when the sun is almost gone. Swam and did whatever. I just got so disappointed because this was not the sand I met 5 years ago in Panglao. I was really sad that I didn’t take lots of pictures of myself and the beach, which is really a favorite thing to do. It was really fine and white before. Water’s almost crystal clear. Today, it’s kinda cream, still fine but the feel is really different.

When we were already tired and hungry, we decided to bath and go out for dinner. We chose to go to Bohol Bee Farm for dinner, which is just a few minutes away. It is known for serving organic food. Kuya driver even told us that Gumamela is even served.

Since, it was way past dinner when we arrived, the Bee Farm tour was already closed. FYI, it’s P20/pax. I can’t tell what’s in it since we weren’t able to tour. We went straight to the dining and checked on the menu. It’s full of unfamiliar dishes. Buffet rates are: P550 each for a minimum of 2, P500 for 3-5 people and P420 each for 6 and above. As we looked over the buffet table, it doesn’t look nice anymore, we didn’t know if they would do a refill, and we didn’t feel like eating more than we could consume, so we opted to do order ala carte style. I ordered Honey glazed Chicken (P190) while Angelo got Baked Spare ribs (P220) – – both comes with organic red rice with camote and organic garden salad topped with honey mustard dressing. Can’t believe I ate petals of bougainvillea, gumamela and flowers of I don’t know what kind. My friend, Holly Ann’s highly recommended Squash Muffins became a hit to me too, but I didn’t enjoy my Corn Muffin (both P12). Ordered P80 shakes – Peanut Butter Mango Shake and Tsokolate Shake.I really enjoyed the thrill of eating those flower petals, and the meals are delicioso.

I really loved the honey glazed dressing. It is actually available in their souvenir shop, which is the Buzz Shop. They sell their goodies there as well as other items such as bags, accessories, etc. They also sell their muffins there for P15. The also sell different spreads like peanut butter, etc. But I bought my favorite flavor, Pesto Spread for mommy (AND ME!). It’s really tasty especially with pandesal. The small container is about P140.

The Bohol Bee Farm is found in Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol. Our resort has a shuttle service to transport us but with a fee on P400- one way. Someone from outside, talked us to have them instead for P300-one way.For more details on the Bee Farm, visit their website: http://www.boholbeefarm.com/

We capped the night by drinking and was tired and sleepy even before midnight. It was a tiring day and we have to wake up early for the Sea Tour.

Day 2 – Bohol -Sea and Countryside Tour

After a breakfast of fried bangus, fried rice, scrambled eggs and fruits from the resort at 5:30 am, we rode our boat (P1,500) for the first adventure of the day, Dolphin Watching. Past 6:00 am we were already where the dolphins play.

It was frustrating at first because they were so far way and when we come closer, they will hide underwater. But we didn’t give up, even if we didn’t see their heads up or jumping on air, we were well contented and amazed with the number of dolphins swimming near us. Maybe the experience would be more exhilarating if they were showing their heads and what not. I really can’t believe that there are a lot of dolphins there.

Another 30-40 minutes boat ride to Balicasag Island. It is the snorkeling and diving spot of Bohol. The island houses the Fish Sanctuary where we experienced a whole new world – with a gazillion fishes, school of fishes. But first things first, we were escorted to the huts, where we have to prepare for the experience. There is a P150/pax entrance fee including the use of their boat and life vests. If you don’t have your own snorkeling gear, there is an additional P150/equipment. They would really advise you to wear diving shoes since it is really rocky because of the healthy corals and rocks underwater, if you don’t have one, you can rent for P150/pair. We were also told to buy some Sky Flakes because it’s the favorite of the fishes. Geared up, we went to our spot and boy, it was the most amazing world that I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t what I expected. You should see it yourself! Too bad we didn’t have our underwater camera, I should have bought one. One moment I remember while I was busy feeding the fishes, was when I was too engrossed with what I was doing and then our guide brought me to a certain spot where I could get a better view of the underwater, I was busy, busy, then I suddenly glanced to what’s a few feet in front of me – yes, it was corals, corals and more corals, then then there’s an edge, like that of a cliff, and then just a deep, deep blue of nothingness and I can’t even imagine what’s in there and how deep it was, I just swam back beside Angelo. Haha!

Bohol’s hidden oasis, Virgin Island was our next and last stop for the Sea Tour. It is an island that has a long curved stretch of white powder-like sand which connects to it. We weren’t alone when we visited the island, there were few other tourists but it wasn’t crowded at all. No other words to describe this beautiful island just see the pictures, please!

All tired and toasted, we headed back to our resort to bathe and rest for a bit before we start our Countryside Tour.

We were very, very hungry from our morning tour that we decided that our first stop will be the Loboc River Cruise that is very famous for its floating restaurant along the scenic and winding river. For P400/pax, a buffet meal will be enjoyed with live music as you cruise.

To be more organized, Kuya Driver decided to bring us to the destinations uptown before then finish it off downtown. We passed by Bilar Man-Made forest where we were so amazed with the tall Mahogany trees. It’s like we entered yet another world, or parang nasa States ka!

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center – our second stop where in we were guided to the life of a butterfly. We got to know the difference of a moth and a butterfly. We were introduced to a She-man butterfly. We got to hold and touch live caterpillars and a chocolate scented butterfly. We got to watch a live show scandal of a pair of butterflies mating. And lastly, it is where we got butterfly wings on our own, thanks to our guide’s magical powers. Entrance fee is P30/pax.

Carmenhills Chocolate Hills Complex – the heart of Bohol was our third stop. One of the Philippines’ natural wonders, it’s not my first time seeing it, but my first time seeing it with the love of my life. The feeling of seeing it, even for the second time was still jaw breaking, awesomess. The at least 1,200 to 1,700 plus hills are scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. But now, they’ve already counted the half limestone, hills which have growing trees in it, that’s why it now reaches 3 other towns.

It was really tiring going up the view deck, but once you are on top, you wouldn’t even remember that you climbed a stairs that high. Entrance fee is at P50/pax.

The scary part of this tour is when we crossed the Hanging Bridge. It hangs above the Loboc River and while you walk in it, it sways back and forth. It’s like you pay P10/pax for your own death, even if the bridge looks really sturdy and safe.

The place where you see the world’s smallest primate, the Tarsiers, which are another, must see in Bohol, was moved from Loboc to Sikatuna. The place is now smaller but you’ll see them more closer. Touching them and taking pictures with flash are not allowed. No entrance fee, but it would be nice to donate cash.

There is also a snake in the Tarsier Sanctuary and I couldn’t even imagine myself touching one, not even carrying it. But here I am, conquering my fear, of course, together with the man I love.

Talking about snakes, we went to another famous reptile in Bohol, in the town of Alburquerque – we met Prony the Python. He is the biggest and longest python in captivity. She used to be just 5 kg and 5 ft long but now, that she is almost 15 years old, she’s already 27 ft and almost 300 kg.

The Python Lady said that before people are allowed to enter the cage, but it has been prohibited now since she has already grown to that size and might harm the guest. Entrance fee is P10/pax.

Also, it is cheaper to buy Peanut Kisses in the souvenir shop of Prony’s place, for they sell at SRP. P120 for a 16-pc pack.

Going back to the the town of Baclayon where we learned that “Baclay” means “to walk”, we visited the Baclayon Church. But since it was already getting dark, the church was already close. It is the oldest Church in Bohol and the second oldest in the Philippines. It is also called the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. It is best remembered that it was built with coral stones that they got from the sea and cemented using the white of a million pieces of eggs. It’s nice seeing the church at almost night time, when I first saw it at noon time. And I finally saw the image of Padre Pio that suddenly appeared in the one of the pillars of the church. At first glance, it just looks like plain marks of what not, but if you look at it closely, it’s Padre Pio’s face.

Our very last stop, before we go back to our resort, was of course, the souvenir shop called Aproniana in Baclayon. They sell almost anything you’d see in other souvenir shops from bags to shirts to accessories and postcards to all types of famous Bohol treats such as the kalamay sa bao and Peanut Kisses. At the entrance, the guard will give you a 10% discount coupon for dry goods and a 3% discount coupon for food. I have a thing for postcards, magnets and t-shirts when I go to places, so that’s what I actually bought for myself and Angelo.

Upon arriving back to our resort, we were so hungry already, we walked to Dumaluan 1 to eat dinner. Because they serve cheap AND yummy food – loved the pork belly (P90), rice (P15) and my banana shake (P40). And that’s when I realized that it was Dumaluan 1 where we stayed 5 years ago! After dinner, we retired to bed already because we were all so tired of the long day we had. We got to prepare for our last day.

Day 3 – Bohol: E.A.T. Danao

We took our last breakfast of hard boiled egg, pork adobo, fried rice, fruits and orange juice (I think they realized that their fresh orange juice didn’t taste good, so they used Tang instead) at Dumaluan. Finished packing our stuff and checked out.

We weren’t able to drop by the Blood Compact Monument the day before because it was already close that’s why we dropped by before we went straight to Danao. The souvenir shop here is where I think it’s best to buy shirts with cute designs, cute tarsier designs with good quality and for only P150!

For at least 2 hours drive from Panglao to Danao, we finally reached our final destination (pun intended). I can’t believe we were even driving beside the Chocolate Hill itself!

Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour our otherwise known as, Danao Adventure Park is, I think, the newest tourist destination in Bohol, made for the thrill seekers and those who wants to conquer their fear of heights. It was made to make use and maximize Danao’s beauty and wonder in a nice and fun way.

The park offers a wide range of activities that tourists would definitely enjoy. There most famous is the zipline called Suislide, which is the longest and tallest zipline in the country. It go across around half kilometer from one mountain to another taking you to a one minute experience of a lifetime ride. Two rounds, going to the other side of the mountain and back to the base. And yes, you can safely carry your camera

The newest and I think, the scariest adventure available is the Plunge. It’s like your being thrown in a free fall and swing like the pendulum back and forth. Other activities are the Ziplet, Skyride, River Trekking, River Tubing, Village tour, Caving, and etc.

Since we didn’t have enough time, because we still have a flight to catch, we just did the Suislide and Aimee and Bry did the Plunge. Why I didn’t do it? I still don’t have the heart to do it! Haha! Next time!

Entrance is at P25/pax, Suislide is at P350/pax, Plunge is at P700/pax. For more information visit: http://www.eatdanao.com

Another 2 hour drive from Danao to Tagbilaran airport. But be
fore we officially, bid goodbye to the beauty of Bohol, we took lunch first at STK (Sutukil or Sugba, Tula, Kilaw) near the airport. Late in the afternoon, we flew back to Manila carrying memories, “many firsts” memories that we will cherish forever.


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