2010's Last 24 hours

It’s down to 2010’s last 24 hours.. tick tock tick tock.. time’s running out.. And right at the same time, I realized that I neglected my blog! That can’t be!!!!! But then, I can’t do anything about it, the year’s almost over and I can’t bring back the times that I should write about something and I forgot to or I was just too busy.

2010’s my year of transition.

I got back with my childhood sweetheart, Angelo. We were apart for 6 years. We don’t know how it happened or why it happened, but we know, it’s the perfect time for us to be back in each others arms. I believe that despite the time that we were apart, we were still together. No matter how many relationships he came from, or how many guys I didn’t entertain (mind you, he’s not the reason why I didn’t like some guys haha), more than 10 years of US together.. we may have been apart for some time but the part that we were apart will always be a part of us, a part of us growing up and moving a step closer to each other again. Hi hun, I love you. Always have. Always will. always. all ways! Here’s to always&forever – together never apart.

Wanderlust mode activated: Boracay, Lorelandx2, Pampanga, Bataan, Puerto Galera, Acuatico, Tagaytayx2, Baguiox2, Laguna. NOT BAD 2010!!

My Papa is back in track. We’re communicating once again. We started catching up again. And I believe it’s my Lola Fe’s will. Thanks for coming back to my life Papa. You made me really happy. I love you.

Lola Paz died. Twenty days after, Lola Fe died. My two lolas both died this year due to the big C. It’s really sad, for they are the ones who keeps the family together. But then again, they’ve been suffering, they are now in peace and in their love of their lives’ arms – Lola Ding and Lolo Danny. Lolas, you will always be missed.

Graduation – my most awaited day. I’m so tired of school being a student for the past 20 years of my life – 6 years in college – in 2 different schools – in 2 different courses. After passing through those needles of Dean Pax and Prof Ning, finally marched down the aisle of the Aguinaldo Theater plus earning a Leadership award. I don’t miss going to school nor studying, but I do miss the people in it – the professors and admin staff that I became close with. Yes, just them and a couple of close and real friends.

This year, I also found out who my real friends are. I got back stabbed, hurt, lied on, cheated on, binaliktad, pinlastic, sinira ginago – by people whom I entrusted a lot, a huge part of my life, my being. I can’t believe they did that to me. Okay lang kung di kita tinrato na kaibigan eh, pero sobra na yang ginawa mo/niyo. Tama na, tama na. At least as early as now, I sifted who deserves to be part of my future, my life and those who deserves to live in trash. Good luck to your lives. May karma be with you!!!!!! And so for my bestfriends, real friends – thank you for sticking with me through and through. I’ve always cherished every moment we have. Cheers, to our future!

So I had this 360 degree turn in my life. I’ve been used to waking up late, sleeping late, open my laptop, go online the whole day, eat, do errands for my business, sleep, hang out with friends, for the past few years. That I decided to try job hunting. I got in one company where in I know I would enjoy because it’s a part of me, a part of who I am. But then, I was just into my 6th day, when I realized it’s not for me. I am not happy there. I won’t ever be happy there. I don’t want to be a robot like them. I want a normal working environment, not like that one. I did an escape to another company that I didn’t ever in my whole life thought of applying. I never wanted to be there, but I’ve been enjoying those sleepless nights with my team bitches. It was an amazing experience, even if I’ve only been there for 13 days. I’ve never been that open my whole life, never been that confident. I learned to drink COFFEE!! And I missed drinking our coffee in our office since I’m not there anymore. Even for a short time, I came to love those people I spend 8 hours at night with. Good luck to you my bitches, I know you can all do it! I miss you!

So now, as you can see, I am definitely back to my real world – full of hopes and dreams – sleepless but happy – happy chatting with my love – and is planning and thinking of what to do in 2011.

It’s been a roller coaster ride of 2010 – mostly ups but I couldn’t stop being rock bottom sometimes. But you know, I had always stood up from that fall.

2011 is just around the corner.. bring it on!!

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