Puerto Galera

Date: April 24-26, 2010
Accommodation: VM Resort

Another one of the most anticipated trips of my summer 2010. Yes, despite of having classes. I’ll be having my first out of town trip AND beach with the boyfriend. As if I haven’t gone swimming with him. Yep. We had some summer outings when we were younger – the farthest we went to was Antipolo. Haha. Anyway, it will also be my first time joining the tropa in an out of town trip.

The White Beach of Oriental Mindoro – That’s our destination. It’s not my first time in Puerto Galera. The first time I went there was when I was 7 which is exactly 17 years ago. I was with my mom who’s pregnant with my sis and my auntie grace in my mom’s company summer outing. We stayed at Coco beach, which is in another island from the main beach. I have no actual memories of the island but that of the few pictures I have during that trip.

The Crew? Me+Jhelo, Milca+Sandel, Jowell, JV, Kim & Gilbert Transportation: Bus to Batangas Port + Galerian Lines to The Beach. It took us 5 hours going there and almost 6 hours going home.

I would like to commend Tisay of VM Resort for patiently waiting for us in the Batangas Port. We got there later than she expected since we got the MJ Curse – “This is it” playing on board, we haven’t even left Cubao terminal, BANG! our bus hit a van. Pfft. We had to wait and then transfer to another one. Anyway, Accomodation’s a 4 star considering we were 8 in a room. Water+Aircon is Great. Why just 4? kulang ang blanket! Haha! Di na naka-ask kasi tuwing uuwi kami, sarado na, no one’s out there to assist. Good thing the mattress is nice that we don’t need a bed sheet anymore, thus we used the bed sheet as a blanket.

The White Beach was Lalalove! It’s not Boracay, nor it’s not Panglao BUT it’s Galera! It has it’s own “spank” for me! We arrived late in the afternoon that’s why our first encounter with The Beach was after dinner when we laid down our mat and just chilled the night away and watched a few minutes of Fire dancing. The next morning, after brunch, we went for a walk to the right most end of the White Beach stretch. There used to be a cave there, but was destroyed by typhoon and flood. The only way there is a 10 minute boat ride worth 50/pax/one way OR you have to climb up the “mountain” and climb down then maze through the huge rocks going to what we called “our private blue lagoon”. To get there was hell, but I’d always go through it just to get a glimpse of this mini paradise!

We did the banana boat in the afternoon and got 3 falls! WOOH! Nothing beats adventure! Then, we put up our tent in front of our resort. We had fun putting it up – We’re like first-timers in this arena. We also had a great time eating dinner inside our tent – “fake” Chow Fan from Chowking plus Century Tuna FTW! We ended the night just chilling beneath the stars were I got to see a Wishing Star. But as the night progresses, some tanods approach us and said “bawal po magtayo ng tent dito, nagagalit si konsehal.” So we had to remove our tents. What’s weird is that the first night, there were 2 tents lying around the beach until past midnight. Unfair!How could a beach trip end without a dose of alcohol! Ha! The very expensive Grand ma for the boys and Mindoro Sling for the girls. Mindoro Sling’s my new addiction! Yikes! I know how to make that hahaha!

So that’s how our 3-day/2-night stay at PG went. It was funfunfun! Sayang, we were just 8 and the rest of the tropa couldn’t come. Wait, There was an exit fee of 10php each. Whattahellisthat? Boracay nga wala eh, sila meron? Malupit pa dun, kami lang mga nauna sa boat ang merong exit fee, yung iba na mga sumunod samin, WALA! BOO!

But all in all, Puerto Galera is another place that surely I will go back to in the future!

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