Coco Beach Island Resort

Not really a spur of a moment trip, but it was planned randomly. We wanted to go to either Baler or Marinduque with our whole barkada but some has messed up schedules that they couldn’t join. After so many times we postponed our target date, we finally decided to push through this weekend, just right... Continue Reading →

Puerto Galera

Date: April 24-26, 2010 Accommodation: VM Resort Another one of the most anticipated trips of my summer 2010. Yes, despite of having classes. I'll be having my first out of town trip AND beach with the boyfriend. As if I haven't gone swimming with him. Yep. We had some summer outings when we were younger... Continue Reading →

Wishing Star ☄

One of the best moments of my life and of my life with him was when we were with our friends in the tent that we set up in the beach in Puerto Galera one night. I was lying down at his lap and we were watching the star-filled sky. I was being my talkative... Continue Reading →

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