Survivor Bataan!

Date: April 10-11, 2010

The much awaited trip is finally over. It’s our very first over night out of town trip in our 10 years worth of friendship.

Destination: Bagac, Bataan for the beach; Mariveles, Bataan for the over night stay (The Silvas’s beautiful Rest House)

Plans: Beach; visit the historical spots (Phil-Japanese Friendship Tower, Dambana ng Kagitingan/Mt. Samat & WWII marker)

Transportation: Loraine’s Uncle’s van + Kix’s driver, Kuya Danny = at least 3 hour drive

Who: Pretty Friends Kix, Aimee, Seska, Loraine and Me (MIA: Deo & Mitch)

Series of Unfortunate Events

1. Two days before the trip, Kix texted “We’ve got no driver anymore!!” What to do what to do?! We thought about plans b & c. The next day, thank God for kuya Danny, we finally have him back!

2. We’re having a smooth driving in the North expressway then we heard a big bang! And then our van stopped. Our right rear tire exploded. Good thing we had an extra tire and complete set of tools, kuya Danny did his way and then we finally exited to the San Fernando, Pampanga exit. We are actually less than 5 min away from that exit.3. About to tour Bataan’s wonders – last stop of the trip- before heading back to Manila, just a few minutes after we left the Silva’s land, our van stopped. Yes, tumirik! Kuya Danny tried his thing but no luck, we asked help from the Silva’s care takers and they got a mechanic but no luck too. They had to get an electrician and by that time, it was already getting dark. After they got the electrician, they decided to bring us back to the rest house using the electrician’s pick up. We were already stranded for 3 hours that time.4. When we got back to the rest house, it was total black. NO ELECTRICITY!! And it’s just that area that has no electricity. Thank God an hour after, someone came to fix the electricity. We were able to rest for a few more hours until the van got fixed. Thank God.

The beach was okay (they didn’t bring us to where we really wanted to go.. boo!). So many “Kix Moments” — Anne Curtis moment anyone? The bestest moment in the water was the FHM-like photoshoot by the rocks and when we sat by the katig on our way back to the shore. The only historical spot that we were able to visit was the Phil-Jap Friendship Tower which was on our way home. We weren’t able to visit the others because we were stranded in the van for a long time when it broke down right? 😦

We had fun at the dry market buying food for us to last til the next day. The cooks (Ses & Lor) had fun cooking for us. Thank you to the “gecko” that surprised me, Ses and Aimee when we opened the aircon, it went out the shutters. We had so much fun singing our hearts out with the magic sing while drinking The Bar while talking about Life and Love and mostly stories about our 10 year friendship. The morning after, more more more picture taking galore! Then, we had to go home – mishaps again. It was like a survivor thing that we had to cook in the dark, what food we had left, eat in the dark and be aware of our surroundings there might be another gecko on the lose.

Despite of those mishaps, we still had a great great time together. It’s our first trip right? It was a great summer trip to end my “mini” vacation for I have school already the following days. Wishing more out of town trips with the best girls in my life, a farther one and a longer one perhaps?Thanks to the beautiful Bataan, we got to experience our craziness for a period of time! I love you PF!

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