I love you three times a day… 4.5..6..7.. to infinity

Facebook status of good friend Hong: “the sweetest thing?? LOVEYOUs at the end of every txt msgs plus the word MORE šŸ™‚ – hahaha.. sapat na sa ngayon šŸ™‚ pagbgyan na ko :)” Bilang nasa Ireland siya at nandito sa Pinas si bebe niya.

Ehh shempre “like” ko yung status niya kaya kumomment ako. dahil kinilig ako.. naalala ko kung ano ako. “pati yung random na paulit ulit (na ILY).. at yung hindi matapos tapos na ILY bago mag gudbye lol :)) gumaganun? ampf. hangover kh di nakainom hahahaha”

Ganun kasi ako eh. Kung pwede lang hindi na matapos ang usapan. Taz middle of no where “i love you” or “i miss you” kilig much! :*

Anyway, a friend of her also commented: “just an insight>>>may nag sabi sakin na kaibgan dati na u shud reserved the word i love you daw coz if u say it everyday or overuse the word mawawala yung sense daw. alam mo yun?!! may point xa pero ewan d ko maexplain hehehe!”

At dahil jan kumulo ang dugo ni BebeHong :)) Nakisagot na lang ako “eh kung TL naman kahit isang milyon tyms a day. di maooveruse yun. kulang pa nga ang isang milyon tyms a day ahahahahaha!! gumaganun!!! ganun talaga kung ano ano sinasabi pag hindi inlove. lol =P”

Sabi ng isa pang friend ni BebeHong: “TAAAAAMMMAAAAA… if u guys really feel the love. there’s no such thing as OVERUSED. ayon nga 10 tips of a good relationship, u shud let ur partner feel that they are loved more and more each day. by means of saying ILOVE YOU’s. like if she/he did something for you even a little deed or simply giving you a glass of water, u shud say I LOVE YOU so they cud feel that u appreciate him/he or wat they have done for you..”

Na-super agree nanaman ako. Just like what I emulated from my papa who loves saying “i love you 86400 times a day” ganun din ako ehh.. every second counts.. it’s best to say ILY to your love ones more often than often, if there’s such thing.. They say action speaks louder than words. But sometimes, words could already satisfy what our hearts desire (well, for me..). The more I love you’s the happier I am. šŸ™‚ no overusing for me, coz for me there’s no such thing as over used.

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