Gadgets are back!

I finally got my laptop and my digicam back. I really missed them. They’re in the service center for more than a month. My laptop’s video card was broken that’s why they had to fix it and wait for the arrival of the ordered parts. My digicam on the other hand, had an error in its internal memory. Akala ko, tuluyan na masisira si Silver, my digicam, ni hindi pa siya nakaka one year. Thank god hindi!

So now, my only two problems are my external hard drive na ayaw mag lipat ng files at INTERNET!!!!!! The connection hasn’t been fixed yet. I am internetless for the past 7 days and still counting. huhu. I miss my online life, I miss blogging. I was able to get wifi that’s why I was able to go online for a bit. I want internet to come back na huhuhu!

Meanwhile, since there’s still no internet at home, I’ll just try blogging bits of thoughts in my laptop and just post it online when the net comes back.

Hope everyone’s okay. Keep safe!

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