What kind of friend are you?

I was chatting with one of my bestfriends, Michelle in Y!M. She wants to meet us up on Saturday because she wants to tell us something in person. Yikes! Then, we talked about some friends na medyo not in good terms with some of our friends, na in good terms ako. Then she told me, “i admire you. bait mo talagang friend” I was touched of course, I rarely hear sweet words from my friends. You know, if I love a friend, it will be forever, it will be for keeps. And nothing, nothing could ever break that, especially BOYS! (:


  1. awts, BOYS? hahahaawwww…me too, i admire u 4 being such a gud frnd, a gud bstfrnd to us. llo na skn. kumbga, not ol pipol n ds world cud do d sme thing, kc mh2rpn cla mg mptwd, mg let go. kw, bcos of love, ngwa mo. n m tnkful n gr8ful 4 havn u. sobra! rare ka eh. n bcos of dt, tntreasure kta. n i wud kip u forver too. taun dlwa, mrming memoris, n gud tyms n bad. mybe, 10 yrs from now, t2wanan nln ntin lht nun ngyri. gurl, iv lernd so much from u, un stn lan leson na un, n ng2wa ko rin sa iba. promis! arw arw! n lgi kng nanjan for us. kht paulit ulit na. hahaha. u nvr gt tired of listn. bsta, i knw, sbi ko nga, we hav been thru hrd n rough tyms but you will always be my bstfrnd no mater wat. i labshooo gurl. muah. sori 4 evrythng.


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