The Missing Piece Meets the Big O

To the first big brother I ever had,

It may have been tough on you the past months, but eventually you’ll get through it. You should know by now that I always got your back, no matter what. You got the first book last Christmas and I really hope that you liked it. It is my most favorite book in the world (this one is the second, of course!) and it is very special to me and there’s no other person I’d love to share it with but you. When I’m down, I read both books over and over and over again, and it makes me feel really better. Just as what the essense is, it makes me a whole person when I lose myself. May you find the right path to roll on and whatever happens, I’ll always be there to roll with you. Happy 24th Birthday Kuya! Lablab 4evah! :3

Your litol sistoi,


Ps. Video version muna kuya, when we see each other, I’ll give you the book! Plus the shirt I bought last summer that I haven’t given to you.

here’s the first book, if anyone’s looking for it.
I gave that book, the first book to kuya last Christmas. (:

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