The Woman in Yellow

Current Location: Room 22, Leisure Coast Resort, Dagupan, Pangasinan
Timecheck: 8:18am

Still sleepy, but I was awaken by the text message I received from Sakki. Five hours ago, former President Cory Aquino has already died. As much as I try to sleep more, I wans’t able to, I was crying under the covers.

The Filipinos are worth dying for – Ninoy
The Filipinos are worth living for – Cory

One memory I’ll always remember about Mommy Cory was when she was inaugurated for Presidency after People Power, February 25, 1986. Why (I wasn’t even born yet!)? According to my mom, that time was the first time I moved in her womb. It’s just a sign that she’s definitely and will always be a part of my life. It’s a sign that even before I was born, she’s already a woman that I admire. The kick may be symbol of my appreciation with what just happened, because I would be born in a democratic country.

Ma. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino was the first ever woman who became the president of the Philippines. Who would have thought that the ordinary housewife of the late Ninoy Aquino will become the president of the country, when it was actually Ninoy whom the Filipinos were rooting for as President, but then he died. She was not just a mother (and a grandmother) to her children and grandchildren, but also a mother to us Filipinos as well. A big thank you to the Aquino’s for having us share that opportunity.

I believe that she’s the best president of our country and no one would ever be able to replace that. She took care of our nation like her own child, that was her edge. She knows what a child needs when he/she cries, when he/she is hungry or when the child is tired, that is why she knows what to do with our country. She embraced our nation that’s why it stood up. She helped our country stand up again and she gave back what was taken from our country — democracy. She didn’t just unite the Filipinos once, but twice. It just so sad that the second time is because of her death. But then again, it just shows that our ordinary housewife, could indeed make things extraordinary.

Tears again fell from my eyes while I was watching Kris’ interview in the Buzz. Her life was truly an inspiration. One can only dream of living such life like hers. I can just feel what Kris is feeling. I felt every single story that she told the world about her mom. It’s a privilege and a huge honor that I lived during this generation, and knowing Mommy Cory. Because I have someone like her to emulate (I hope I did!).

I’m full of fear now that she’s gone. I don’t know why. Maybe because we don’t know what will happen next to our country, especially now that elections are nearing. But when Kris said that during one of her last conversations with her mother, she said “Don’t worry!” Kris said that when she says “Don’t worry“, she really means it. I’m sure, she didn’t want to tell that to Kris alone, but to all of us too. Now, I feel better and safer, we shouldn’t worry because for sure, she’ll look after us.

I just hope democracy will not end because the mother of democracy’s life had already ended. Even then we know what she has lived for — her family and her nation, I just hope we still continue what she stood for and believed in. I just hope we wouldn’t put to waste everything she did and sacrificed for our country. She may have died too soon, sooner than what we have expected but for sure, her legacy will remain from generations to generations.

Aren’t you happy for her now? She’s now with the love of her life, the person who fell in love with her 3 times! They’re like catching up from the time that Ninoy left her, been laughing and kissing and hugging and for sure, the Man once again will fall in love with her, the fourth time now (:

PS. Post was edited, August 2 about Kris’ The Buzz & for Cory pictures

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