The Cory Magic Experience

Yesterday, Mom got an email from her officemate about volunteers for the wake. Mom told me about it immediately. We called her officemate agad. I was asked to email him my details. After awhile, I received a reply about the details. I was scheduled for the 1am - 7am shift. I didn't have second thoughts... Continue Reading →

The Woman in Yellow

Current Location: Room 22, Leisure Coast Resort, Dagupan, Pangasinan Timecheck: 8:18am Still sleepy, but I was awaken by the text message I received from Sakki. Five hours ago, former President Cory Aquino has already died. As much as I try to sleep more, I wans't able to, I was crying under the covers. The Filipinos... Continue Reading →

Tie a Yellow Ribbon for Cory Aquino

Let's all tie a yellow ribbon in support for our former President, Cory Aquino to show that she and her family are not alone in their battle against her illness. As we all know, the most loved president of our archipelago is facing the toughest battle in her life now (since Ninoy's death) because of... Continue Reading →

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