Of voter’s registration, Carlobaby, Locoroco, Wolverine & BFFs

I was so excited because I will be finally be a registered voter. Today’s the scheduled registration at our baranggay hall. I woke up pretty early so that I’d be able to get in line agad. Grabe, it was just 7am but the line’s so long na. I was with Charmane, my kinakapatid and another friend. We waited for two long hours in the heat of the sun and then a sudden drizzle. It was just 9 am and I was so close na din sa front, I over heard the person in charge at they’d cut the line at 200 (197 na yung nasa loob), at nakakainis ah, ang tagal namin nag wait tapos they’d cut the line and told us to go back at 1pm, bakit pa nila puputulin eh ang konti na lang din ng tao. Isang oras pa lang sila nagtatrabaho kaya. Yung ibang tao dun, 5:30am pa lang nandun na, ang babagal nila kumilos. I was getting furious coz I was like 10 people away. When we reached the person, (I don’t know if COMELEC sila, mind you they don’t look AND sound approachable, which is a very big NO NO!) she got my ID and and said that hindi daw pwede coz my IDs don’t have my address. I was so furious na, coz it’s hot, i’m hungry and tired tapos yun lang sasabihin nila sakin. Why didn’t they announced it right away ano. I mean fine, tulad ng sabi nila, batas yun, pero naman, like not all people know that dapat merong address yung ID. Sa place na na inannouncesan nila, walang nakalagay na need to bring reqs eh. Sana, they should have checked those who are in line din if they have the correct IDs. Ang dami dami nila dun, di nila nagawa.

Two hours of waiting, buti na lang meron kaming entertainment, beside us, there’s a little boy who’s very very bibo. His name is Carlo. Napapansin talaga namin siya, coz lakad siya ng lakad, naka black crocs siya, and he’s singing “Sasakyan Kita” by K and the boxers. Then, we got a bench sit on. He went to us and sat beside us. Then biglang he said “grabe, ang dami mami, (yun pala, mummy) tapos akyat sila, tapos hulog don, tapos naputol ulo” SO RANDOM. Bigla siyang nagkwento! Tawa kami ng tawa kasi what’s up with his imagination? Then his mom said, he saw kasi yung “night of the living dead” ba yun na arcade. He’s just 2 years old. I was so amazed in him kasi bibo little boy at 2. Eh most little boys I know, hindi sumasama kahit kanino, tahimik and babytalking pa! Pero siya straight magsalita, kwento pa ng kwento. That’s why tuwang tuwa ako sa kanya. He lives in countryside daw, accdg to him. Aww I hope to see that little carlobaby again. Sayang I should have taken a picture with him.

Since I was so pissed off with how my supposed registration turned out, I went home na. Sira yung internet at that time, di pa nadating yung magaayos. No cable din, kasi napigtas yung sa splitter. I saw my brother’s psp, ni check ko yung games. OHMY!!! LOCOROCO WAS A HIT! It’s so frustrating to play grabe! Easy lang siya, like the games that i’m into, pero naman! Ang hirap pagalawin haha! Tuwang tuwa ako sa kanya! LOVE IT!

So, Eastwood, I watched Wolverine with Aimee and Seska. Time for an ultimate bonding experience, since di pa alam when ang bataan trip. Had so much fun with my BFFs. Tapos after so long, I saw Kuya pa. (who watched star strek — bulol mode eh) I miss my 3 bestfriends! Had fun with my 2 girls and I’m happy to see kuya again.

Hay. Imma sleep now, it’s Wiwo’s christening! I’m ninang for the 11th time.

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