Tink & Peter

it’s true how they would say
that when you leave Never Land,
you’d grow up and you’d meet

different people who’d try to make you believe

TINKERBELL SAID:                                              PETER PAN REPLIED:

sometimes, you’d choose the prince                         Maybe you’re right about the prince,
he’ll take you to his castle                                           Who let you go when the clock strikes at 12
dance with you.but would                                         But he won’t let you go forever,
allow you to leave when the clock                              he even run after you and search
strikes 12                                                                      the whole for you right?..

sometimes, you’d meet spiderman                           you might even right about w/ spiderman
he’ll give you the sweetest kiss                                   but he won’t ever leave you..
and vanishes for all time                                            he’s still your peter parker
                                                                                     from the neighborhood.

and sometimes you’d find your own peterpan       And you might even be right about
a guy who would take care of you                             me flying with you,
and fly with you against the winds                           But my heart definitely not
but then you’ll notice that his heart                          forever belong to wendy, she grew old.
still belongs to wendy                                               But you, you stay young with me


Loving someone is not always about fairytales & Fantasies,
it’s about truth and realities…

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