October fest

Yeahtoh na ang October fest! kaya dapat festive na din ang aking spirit diba?
Dapat Happy. Fun. Exciting.

Break Free!!!

As you have read in my past blogs, I am in terrible pain. Very Sorrowful month talaga. Since i want to finally Smile and be happy, the natural way! I’ll try my very best to be as bubbly as I can be! weeeeh!!!

Have lots of exciting things to look forward to or do:
1. My Creative Writing Midterms to be presented to class next week. (not really exciting!)
2. My whole month of no Creative Writing class, which means, 3 hour break!!!!
3. Birthday parties to attend: Gladys’s, Aina’s..
4. 100 Islands Immersion (oops.we’re not coming anymore, i think were still part of the OC)
5. AIESEC-NLDS ’06 in Cebu… conference time by the end of the month!!
6. Thursday Movie Nights with my Grrkada
7. And more bonding moments with my Grrkada!!!! (SANA PF din!!!)
8. Time to watch Smile Again. Since i need to smile again.
9. read books, dami ko pa stock dito hindi nababasa.
10. maybe finish cross-stitching my face. di ko na natapos eh.

See! I have lots of thing to do and to look forward to.

To keep myself busy, enjoy, and to finally see that curve on my face!

I only have to remember that there’s always a rainbow after the rain………. XD

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