My Birthday Week!!!!!!

I bought some DVD’s — Only You and My Girl and Just My Luck and Highschool Musical Last Monday. birthday gift ko yun sa sarili ko. i just stayed home and watch JML and 4 cds of My Girl. hala! crush ko na talaga si Julian. sino bang hindi diba?

so then i turned TWENTY, tuesday. happy 🙂 love my friends so much. they asked almost everybody to wear BLUE because yun yung favorite color ko eh. they even planned to wake me up ng 6 am, haharanahin daw nila ako. too bad. hanggang lahat ng gising. okay lang, love ko pa din THOUGHT na lang ito. hindi nila nagawa kasi na late sila chaka it’s the THOUGHT THAT COUNTS naman eh. hahahaha.

then, had class. then, continuation of Turkish Night. Then, went home with cathy, kuya, ate and renz. ces and the rest sumunod kasi me inayos pa. i have to go ahead kasi nasa bahay na si budi, ses, loraine and mon. basta kahit na me mga hindi naka punta super happy pa din ako. super blessed ako to have friends like them. i love them so much. yeah, pati yung mga hindi nakapunta. ehem.

We went to Gawad Kalinga. – wednesday. in BASECO. then, had Art Therapy with special kids in a school in Muñoz – thursday. happy lang ako with what i did in my 2nd and 3rd day as a 20 yr old girl. haha. kasi napaka fulfilling. different yung feeling. unexplainable. 🙂

also watched Lady in the Water, ces slept at my house. – wednesday 🙂

so now, have to go to school to pass my last coursework. weeh! then, we’ll have USA Night tonight! 🙂


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