My Girl

yeah! i finally finished the series. i’ve been laughing and literally crying the 3 days that i watched it. the best part was in CD 6. hindi ko na ikikwento baka spoiler lang ako. hay.
20q1dzntoday din nasa wowowee ang napaka-gwapong si Lee Dong Wook aka Julian. oh diba. nakakatunaw ang kanyang ka-gwapuhan. haha. swerte ni elaine. nakita niya si Julian sa ABS-CBN kahapon. si sakki kaya nakita niya? sasama kasi dapat ako sa kanya eh. hindi lang ako natuloy dahil sa class ko. hay okay lang.

excerpts from the blog of ces:

“As the clock ticked 12 MN, I was again reminded of another miracle that I have had the pleasure of having in my life for 10 months now. This gift is totally an amazing one, bursting with incomparable beauty and undeniably priceless to the core. A rarity to the world and I can’t thank Him enough for blessing my life with a gift that I can only find in the lady that is Margaux.

For nearly a year, Max -as I like calling her- has been responsible for all the smiles I have on my face. She has never ceased to be there for me through the start of our friendship on that magical day in ESA’s atrium when I saw her in the coach, reading her new purchase of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants book.

She is a gem of a friend and a jewel of a person. I feel completely indebted to Him for showering my life with a person. I demand to be counting decades with this truly wonderful girl and I know I don’t have to worry that much about that.. We’re already bounded by heart. Right Max?

Max, I wish you good health, all the luck and love in the world and may you have everything it is that your heart yearns for because you simply deserve nothing less. Thank you for the friendship and I hope you know how much I love you.”


i just read it. speechless. basta super blessed ko kasi binigay ni God sa akin si ces. life wouldn’t be the same if i didn’t meet ces. That’s my girl, Ces.


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