hates and happiness

kumusta naman yun? kahapon, na isang sunday, ako ay nag hibernate. as in buong araw ako nasa aking room. lumabas lang ako tuwing kakain ako. after nun, back to sleep. pag ako naman ay nagigising, nagbabasa lang ako ng book, tapos maya maya nakakatulog na din ako. hehehe. so, natulog lang talaga ako buong hapon. nagising ako, and hour and a half before Highschool Musical starts. so that means i watched 3 episodes of The Suite Life of Zac and Cody na actually, first time ko lang din pinanood. hehe.


High School Musical. my sister didn’t left the TV for the whole day, she actually waited for it. so i was kinda curious with it so i stayed and waited for it too. yun pala, hala! ako pala’y kikiligin kay Troy at Gabriella. hala na! kayalang, nakakabitin yung movie, sana man lang pinakita yung mismong musical nila diba?


i had a pretty bad morning today. thanks to that person. i really hate him. i just wished he hadn’t come into my life. maybe, my life would be better. ewan ko ba. mahirap i explain dito eh. 😐


i was so early in school to. and imagine i was in school for 10 hours? i waited for the ces and company to arrive. then, we had some misunderstanding with the supposedly “Student Org office”. When everything’s fine, we started working with our stuff. i fixed “our corner”, marked them with our precious memories. hehehe. ate KFC for lunch. moved to our library and did our thing again.


Foundation Week of ESA. yeah, it’s actually our foundation week! surprise! surprise! hahaha! just learned about it yesterday when ces called me up to print some of our pictures for our supposedly office. so, for this day, we had the community mass and the blessing and ribbon cutting of the student center. and stuff like that. hehe. i think there’s no event tomorrow since they’d start preparing for the graduation on wednesday.


Jill’s HAPPY again. hehe. i’m so happy that when bbyjill called me up today, she’s back to her bubbly self again. i actually missed that part of her. i think she just came back from her province at Surigao. sarap ng buhay. hahahaha. basta super happy ako for her! hehehehe!


i hate my fone. it’ been restarting by its self and i think it would be totally broken soon. darnnit. i don’t even have money to buy a new fone since i just bought a new digicam, na hindi pa nga totally paid. so, maybe i’d trade it with some fone. since i am not that “into” celfones now. i’d really rather have a decent digicam. hehehe. hay naku. oh well.


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