have you seen my friendster lately? i finally got the chance to update it. thanks for my internet commection to nights ago. it also has the same theme as this one. all blue and the lighthouse effect. totally cool.

Ces, Gene, Hal and i were at JP’s house yesterday. Gene helped Hal with something. While the three of us just talked while ces was also online. We ate at Mang Jimmy’s. and it’s my first time there. super sarap grabe. for a first timer, ang dami kong nakain!

Raise Your Voice. since i couldn’t go online last night, i decided to watch it. and i never get tired of watching it. the mere sight of Oliver James completes my day and he really melts me. haha. And i just watched it para hindi ako ma-sad. kasi he reminds me of someone. HALA NA! hahaha.

But then, it didn’t stop me to feel sad. eh wala eh, masasad din talaga ako. i’m not in my usual self for the past 4 days i think. pretty weird of me noh? hay. chaka ko na ako magkwento about what i feel dito.

the moment i wake up this morning, i called my aunt’s fone because it’s the birthday of my niece, very pretty niece, Sam. Sayang, i wasn’t able to go with them at Enchanted Kingdom. i’ll just visit her when i’ve got nothing to do. wish there will be a time that i’ve got nothing to do. hahaha. here’s my niece, the one in the right, that looks like sharlene.

Had a very interesting consumer behavior class today. our teacher has a lot of TVC clippings that really helped us understand what our lesson was about. hahaha. but he extended our class for an hour because he wasn’t able to go to class last saturday. Since, it was already lunch time, during our break ces and i ordered at Mcdo. so, while we were having a class, ces and i were munching our burgers and fries.

it rained so hard that we weren’t able to leave the school as soon as our class ended. so, i had my ID picture taken again since i think our ID’s will be replaced. since i have the THAMES ID still at Entrepreneurs School of Asia na kami ngayon. Ces and i also helped Coni with the streamers for the graduates, since our first batch of Entrep grads will graduate on wednesday i think.

so, i went home when the rain stopped. ate some chizcurls and ice cream and m&m’s. watched Let’s Go. na super laughtrip. i don’t really get the story of that show kasi hindi ko naman siya sinusubaybayan pero kanina super tawang tawa ako. and natatawa lang ako seeing Mikel there. ewan k0 lang. weird lang. not na siya ay weird ha. just being there seems weird for me.

then, my brother (who now owns a celphone that used to be my mom’s, since she bought a new one. haha.) called me and my sister to my mom’s room kasi there is a rainbow daw. so ako, ang bilis ng takbo sa room, dala ang digicam ko. wanted to have a picture with the rainbow kasi super tagal ko ng hindi nakakakita ng rainbow but it failed me kasi super liwanag. and siguro matagal na yung rainbow dun, mejo nagfefade na hindi na siya gaano kita. malas ko naman.

pero nung nakita ko yung rainbow, alam niyo ba, super napangiti niya ako. rainbow lang pala magpapangiti sakin? nafifeel sad ako diba? madaming tanong. hehe. basta. thank you Lord, for the Rainbow!


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